EastEnders fans ‘work out’ Ravi’s dad’s identity as they notice ‘jealousy’ clue

Because they think Ranveer might not be Ravi Gulati’s biological father, BBC EastEnders viewers have prophesied that a shocking twist is about to occur.

On the show, the character, played by Aaron Thiara, is incarcerated right now.

The character was originally introduced on July 4 of this year, and because not much is known about his past, he is somewhat of a mystery to fans.

His imprisonment’s cause is still a mystery, and little is known about him.

Fans are aware of his conflict with Kheerat Panesar, which connects him to the Square.

When fan favorite Phil Mitchell requested him in prison for a burner phone, Ravi was first seen on the soap opera.

In the most recent episode of the BBC soap opera, Ravi was released from jail and saw Suki Panesar standing over his father Ranveer’s body.

Suki had struck Ranveer with a clock after he had tried to rape her.

Oddly, Ravi agreed to assist Suki and then killed his father, dismembered him, packed him up, and dumped him in the river.

Ravi’s lack of feeling has alarmed the audience, who believe that a shocking revelation is imminent.

One supporter remarked, “Ravi doesn’t appear too offended.”

Another person’s theory was as follows: “I’m assuming that Nishandeep is actually Ravi’s dad, making him Vinny, Kheerat, Jags, and Ash’s half-brother.”

Suki’s husband is Nishandeep, and the two of them have four kids.

Since viewers have never seen him, he is a mysterious character who is presently incarcerated.

The friendship between Ranveer and Nishandeep when they were young serves as the Gulati family’s connection to the Panesars.

Or, as one fan put it, “Ravi is now getting rid of the babies Suki kept since Nishandeep forced her to give up a child she had with someone else (perhaps even killed him and that’s what he’s in jail for).”

Another replied, “I concur.” “My impression is that Ravi wants to be the head of that family, which may be why he disagrees with Kheerat.

I’m assuming that Ravi and Kheerat are close in age, therefore I wonder what happened to turn them into enemies.

But some people didn’t really accept the theory: “I’m not sure; nothing in Suki’s behavior to Ravi suggests that he might be her hidden son, as far as I can tell.

“He is clearly strangely devoted to her (mommy issues, jealously that Kheerat had nicer parents?) yet up till now, it looks biased to me.”

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