Eastenders fans left double-taking as ‘Paddy from Emmerdale’ makes appearance on BBC set

Viewers of Eastenders were startled when they saw “Paddy from Emmerdale” on the BBC set and had to take a second look.

Phi Mitchell, who is currently engaged in a furious exchange with his son Ben’s rapist Lewis Butler, is one of the recent dramatic storylines on the BBC serial opera.

Lewis was taken hostage by the actor (Steve McFadden) and his sister Sam, but he was eventually recaptured with Phil threatening to kill him, according to The Sun.

Despite all the commotion, a behind-the-scenes photo that has BBC viewers talking is currently trending on social media.

Actor Steve and Lewis’ co-star Aidan O’Callaghan can be seen posing with their stunt doubles in the photo.

Dominic Brunt, who plays Dominic in Emmerdale, was initially mistaken for Phil’s stunt double by some soap opera fans.

Although Dominic has played Paddy Kirk in the ITV soap opera since 1997, many people mistakenly believed he had appeared in the rival program.

When sharing the photo, @sharon weave made fun of the fact that Phil Mitchell’s stunt double was named Patrick from Emmerdale. Along with laughing and sobbing emoticons, @mikepriestley13 tweeted, “He actually does look like Paddy.” If Paddy from Emmerdale and Matt Lucas had a child, said @katecrimed.

However, it appears Paddy has too much on his plate in the Yorkshire Dales as a recent spoiler indicates he will soon learn of his wife Chas’s affair.

He is unaware that Chas has been cheating on him with Al Chapman, but in upcoming episodes, the affair between Chas and Al is revealed, and Chas must consider the potential that Paddy will learn the whole truth.

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