EastEnders death, Corrie health battle and Emmerdale horror: Soaps this week

This week’s major events in the soap operas include a death, a few health worries, and the disclosure of a deadly secret.

Two significant events on EastEnders are about to occur as one tragically dies, leaving their family in disarray.

Another family discovers the truth about their relative’s death after more than a year, but will they pursue retribution?

Another young character in Emmerdale is put in grave risk due to Amelia Spencer’s health issues, necessitating a hospital run.

The same is true of Coronation Street as well. As she conceals a hidden medical condition, Audrey Roberts finds herself in the hospital.

Audrey’s health secret

This week on the ITV series Coronation Street, Audrey Roberts is the subject of concern as rumors suggest a hidden disease or health problem.

The persona keeps her whereabouts a secret when she is transported to the hospital since she has something to hide from her loved ones.

Her family started to worry about her drinking a few weeks prior, and only last month she was hurt when a motorbike landed on top of her.

She and her family made up after a stay in the hospital, and they have been concerned about her ever since.

In an effort to celebrate her birthday this week, the family is preparing a supper. Audrey does show up, but she is disappointed with her birthday dinner.

Gail expresses concern that Audrey did not seem like herself when they first met when she later phones her mother to check on her.

Insinuating that everything is alright, Audrey reassures her that a good night’s sleep will fix everything.

She does not, however, address the fact that Audrey is in a hospital bed. What is wrong with Audrey, and will she recover?

Amelia drops baby Thomas

This week on Emmerdale, there will be some unsettling scenes as babysitter Amelia Spencer abandons Thomas.

When Harriet Finch arrives and finds out the infant has fallen, she rushes the child to the hospital as a precaution.

She is unaware that Amelia was holding him at the time, but after a humorous turn, she faints and drops him.

Knowing she may get into a lot of trouble if the truth came out, she hastily makes up the story that he fell out of his high chair.

She has been experiencing nausea, dizziness, and blurred vision all week. These symptoms get worse during the day.

She soon passes out and drops tiny Thomas, so Harriet rushes him to the hospital to be examined.

However, Amelia isn’t questioned for long before little Lucas, who is at the house when the incident occurs, spills the beans.

EastEnders death, and a killer secret

This week’s episode of the BBC soap opera EastEnders features a terrible death that has the Baker family in disarray.

Only a few weeks after his introduction, the new character Avery Baker dies in tragic events where he was compelled to drop a bombshell.

Avery told his brother Mitch Baker that he was dying and had terminal cancer after falling in recent scenes.

Avery passes away in heartbreaking scenes this week as Mitch speaks to his brother during a special party for him.

Ben Mitchell surprises one family with a lethal bombshell that he has been keeping hidden for more than a year.

Naturally, viewers are aware that Ben played a role in Kheerat’s brother’s death, who passed away in jail last June.

After learning that Jags was being sought after, the Panesars persuaded Ben to provide protection for him. However, after concluding that Kheerat had betrayed him, Ben canceled this protection.

Jags was killed shortly after, and Ben has been struggling with guilt ever since. The following week, as they work to assist him and Kheerat realizes he is doing narcotics, he finally comes clean with the Panesars and Kheerat.

When Ben informs them he killed Jags, how will they respond? Will they seek retaliation?

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