EastEnders’ Ben Mitchell faces death as he’s rushed to hospital after collapse

Ben Mitchell from EastEnders is in danger of dying next week after collapsing and being rushed to the hospital.

After Lewis’ terrifying attack on him and the dissolution of his marriage to Callum, the mechanic has been struggling. Since then, in an effort to cope, he has turned to drugs, getting involved with the wrong crowd while attempting to treat his trauma on his own.

The following week, James spends the night with Ben, much to his mother Kathy’s dismay. The two start talking about their evening plans, but Kathy quickly reminds Ben that Lexi has a dance exam that he promised to attend, and that there will also be a family dinner after.

Later, as Kheerat and Suki enter the Minute Mart, Kheerat is still attempting to make amends with her son, and Ben is present.

The Panesar family was left reeling after Ben admitted last week that he had killed Jags by terminating his prison security. However, when they learned that Suki was the reason Jags was imprisoned, their grief was even greater.

The mechanic arrives at Lexi’s dance exam late and Ben tries to talk to Kheerat, but he won’t have any of it.

The fact that she admits she misses her deceased father makes her hurt by his delay even worse.

Ben is horrified by what she said, and he yells at her, causing her to sob. He attempts to obtain additional drugs from Tez as he tries to come to terms with his own actions, but not before Sam notices and becomes concerned.

Ben takes more drugs before going to a party, but James sends him home. Realizing he’s running behind schedule for the family dinner, he leaves her an emotional voicemail informing her that he is on his way. But as he gets there, he passes out.

When they find the voicemail, they all realize something is seriously wrong because Lexi is devastated that Ben hasn’t shown up. When Ben is discovered to have no pulse, Callum, Jay, and Kathy rush to find him in an effort to allay their worst fears.

Paramedics rush him to hospital, but have they got to him in time – and will they be able to save him?

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