Eagle-eyed ITV Corrie fans spot ‘mistake’ in Maria scenes

Eagle-eyed Following Weatherfield’s sassy hairstylist turned eco-warrior, Coronation Street viewers believe they have discovered a “mistake” in scenes involving Maria Connor.

Samia Longchambon’s Maria, who discovered that her son Joseph’s asthma was caused by traffic, has plunged herself into a political career.

The local councilwoman has prioritized environmental issues, added additional bins, and implemented new collections, but her goals and initiatives have drawn criticism online.

Her face was put to the body of an unidentified naked woman in a deeply phony video that was created to humiliate her.

But a detail that contradicts her campaigning was picked up by Coronation Street.

Anyone others notice that Maria’s flat is similar to Blackpool illuminations? Zayn Khalil Hussain enquired on the Facebook page for Coronation Street spoilers, news, gossip, and fan talk.

They further said “She has every light in that apartment on in broad daylight. At least seven lights are continually on, and she keeps talking about preserving the earth.

” “Well detected, they made a mistake there,” remarked Pauline Lever.

Sarah Smith concurred, adding, “Made me laugh. The other day, after giving a lecture on recycling, saving the environment, etc., she and Gary entered their apartment in full daylight, and the first thing she did was turn on two lights, which had no effect whatsoever on the intensity of the lightning inside. xx lol

If she were sincere, Kimberly Linn Jacobs commented, “she’d be using a refillable coffee cup.

Small but indicative of intent Additionally, Karen Lufc Sheppey Waswilson noted: “Lamps are on in every residence during the day.”

Barbara Eifler argued in opposition, saying, “It’s TV Land, they need the illumination to film!” She doesn’t pay it, according to Wayne Kaladinskas. Do Corrie.

” “I despair at this nit picking,” Linda Watson remarked, “you should be focusing on the story lines, not how many lights are on.”

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