Drugs raid at the Bistro leaves fan favourites in danger in Coronation Street

A new drug company can now flourish in the cobblestones because to DAMON Hay’s gradual takeover of the entire Bistro.

The police eventually show up on Coronation Street, and two people are put in jeopardy during a raid.

When newcomer Damon Hay (Ciarán Griffiths), who was playing Leanne Battersby (played by Jane Danson), became engaged with the Bistro, Leanne was somewhat relieved.

She might later realize it was a mistake to let him into the restaurant, though.

Coming up on ITV, Damon introduces Leanne to a fruit and vegetable supplier named Dan.

He even claims that Dan would provide her a far better bargain, but when Damon informs Jacob (Jack James Ryan) that Dan’s first delivery is scheduled for that afternoon, Jacob becomes suspicious of his father.

Jacob also finds out that a parcel containing drugs will be concealed in the olive oil crate, which is the cherry on top.

When Jacob anticipates the first drug delivery in a later scene in the soap opera, chaos could ensue.

When a group of police officers and a sniffer dog show up at a retirement celebration, the young man becomes terrified.

When a crate of olive oil is delivered, Jacob gets it out of the Bistro before he leaves.

Sadly, the sniffer dog starts to bark, catching PC Craig Tinker’s eye.

The latter goes directly to Jacob’s apartment. Has the game ended?

Leanne and Ryan investigate the remaining delivery boxes when they return to the café, wondering what caused the dog to bark.

In later episodes, Jacob is punished by his father Damon for the raid’s results by receiving a thrashing in the ginnel.

Then he is advised that if he wants to keep his girlfriend Amy safe, he must permanently vanish.

Jacob, who has been severely shaken, musters the courage to inform Nick Tilsley that Damon is smuggling narcotics through the restaurant and that he has no alternative but to leave because Amy’s life is in grave danger.

A desperate Jacob pretends to be on the phone selling narcotics as he hears Amy walk into the apartment.

Amy is appalled and fears that dad is up to his old tricks.

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