Dennis Waterman’s daughter Hannah pays tribute to her actor dad following his death

Dennis Waterman died suddenly over the weekend, and Hannah Waterman paid homage to her father today (May 9).

On television, the British actor was one of the country’s most recognizable faces.

Dennis passed away on Sunday afternoon (May 8) with his wife Pam by his side.

“We are terribly heartbroken to announce that our dear Dennis died away quite quietly at his home in Spain,” the family said in a statement.

“At this very difficult time, the family respectfully requests that our privacy be respected.”

Hannah has now broken her silence by posting a touching homage to her father on social media.

What movies did Dennis Waterman appear in?
Dennis Waterman was born in the United Kingdom. He studied acting at the Corona Theatre School before joining the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford.

In his teens, he rose to stardom as William, the BBC’s rendition of Just William. Following that, his career went off.

When he played Detective George Carter alongside John Thaw in ITV’s police drama The Sweeney in the 1970s, he became one of the most popular actors of his generation in the UK.

His career flourished for decades, and he was cast in another blockbuster film, New Tricks, in 2003, as Gerry Standing.

Dennis became one of the most well-known actors in the country as a result of the 12-year-long hit series.

His co-star Amanda Redman was too distressed to respond to messages today, according to her daughter’s Twitter account.

Other notable television appearances include ITV’s Where The Heart Is and the BBC’s The Canterbury Tales and Moses Jones.

Dennis, speaking about his more serious role in Moses Jones, expressed gratitude to the people for seeing a different side of him.

He commented in 2009, “I really enjoyed it because it was a totally distinct kind of character – and that’s crucial.”

“I’m sort of the cheeky chappie, everyone’s pal on British television, but I’ve never played anything like that in the theatre.” It’s strange how different elements of the media represent you as different things.”

In 2020, he appeared in the film Never Too Late.

Dennis’ career was nearly derailed in January 1991 when he was barred from driving for three years.

It came after his second drunk-driving conviction in less than four years.

What song did Dennis Waterman perform?

Waterman also has a few other gimmicks up his sleeve.

He became well-known for singing the show’s theme tunes.

I Could Be So Good For You, the theme song for Minder, was a top five smash for him.

Dennis achieved number one singles in both Australia and New Zealand. He also sung the title songs for New Tricks and two other minor hits, On the Up and Stay Lucky.

Downwind of Angels, released in 1976, and So Good For You, released in 1980, were two of the actor’s three albums.

Dennis Waterman’s wife’s name was unknown.

Dennis had a number of marriages over his life.

Following his appearance on Loose Women, Tom Parker’s wide Kelsey was hailed as “brave” by admirers.

From 1987 until their divorce in 1998, he was married to Rula Lenska, a star of Coronation Street.

He married Penny Dixon in his first marriage. In 1972, they married, but in 1976, they divorced.

Dennis later married actress Patricia Maynard, with whom he had two daughters, Hannah and Julia, from 1977 to 1987.

In 2012, the actor provoked outrage when he acknowledged to hitting Rula once during their marriage.

He claimed at the time that “it’s not difficult for a woman to make a man strike her.”

“She wasn’t a battered wife; she was hit, which is different.”

Dennis married Pam in 2011, and the two remained together until his death in 2022.

What is his daughter’s name?

Hannah Waterman, widely known for her portrayal as Ian Beale’s wife Laura in EastEnders, is one of his kids.

She played the character from 2000 to 2004, before being killed off when she fell down the stairs.

Patricia Maynard, Laura’s mother and a fellow actress, appeared in a few episodes of EastEnders in 2001.

Hannah went on to star in shows including Doctors, Holby City, and The Bill, as well as co-starring with her father in New Tricks.

Hannah married Ricky Groves, another EastEnders actor, in 2006, but the couple divorced in 2010. She and her husband Huw Higginson, as well as their son Jack, now reside in Australia.

Hannah Waterman’s ode to her father

Hannah broke her silence about her father’s passing on Instagram earlier today (May 9).

She posted a black-and-white photo of Dennis as a baby hugging her.

“Me and my Dad!” she exclaimed. “How I adored him.”

What caused Dennis Waterman’s death?

Dennis Waterman died on May 8, 2022, according to his family.

However, no reason for his death was disclosed at the time.

Dennis and Pete Waterman are brothers, right?

Allen Waterman, Joy Waterman, Ken Waterman, Myrna Waterman, Norma Waterman, Peter Waterman, Stella Waterman, and Vera Waterman were Dennis’ siblings.

Despite having the same same name as music producer Pete Waterman, he is not related to him.

Dennis Waterman left Minder for a reason.

Dennis announced his departure from the show in 1989.

He stated at the time that he believed his character had run its course and that it was getting more difficult for the authors to come up with interesting plots.

Dennis Waterman left New Tricks for a variety of reasons.

After Dennis Waterman, the final original cast member, left the show, New Tricks came to an end.

Following the departure of the other original cast members and the synergy they shared, he made the decision to leave the show.

How much money did he have?

Throughout his 60-year career, Dennis earned a sizable wealth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, he was estimated to have a net worth of roughly £4 million.

When the actor was only 12 years old, he landed his first acting role in the film Night Train for Inverness. cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval cheval

In Little Britain, Dennis Waterman

The actor was so well-known that he was mocked on the popular sketch show Little Britain.

In sketches where he meets his agency asking for parts, David Walliams caricatures him.

However, he was unable to “compose the theme music and sing the theme tune,” so he turned them down.

Dennis responded well to the parody, and he appeared in the Comic Relief edition of Little Britain in 2006.

The actor from New Tricks is remembered by celebrities.

Numerous celebrities who were followers of the actor paid tribute to him after his passing.

“I played golf on a tour to Bermuda with Dennis Waterman — I’m not much of a golfer – he was – but the time spent with him between rounds was well worth the trip,” DIY SOS host Nick Knowles tweeted. A true gentleman. RIP.”

“On tour and at Karaoke, my Phoenix Nights castmates and I used to perform the Minder theme song!” recalled comic Paddy McGuiness.

“I’m sorry I never met him; I’ve always wanted to be Terry McCann.” Another childhood icon has passed away. Dennis Waterman, RIP.”

“RIP Dennis Waterman,” Sky News presenter Kay Burley wrote. A superb actor who dominated our television screens in the 1970s and 1980s. The Sweeney was fantastic. Minder was my favorite. His age was 74.”

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