Dawn Taylor quits Home Farm job in Emmerdale but gets an intriguing new offer

Dawn Taylor finds working in Home Farm less appealing than it once was.

When Olivia Bromley’s Emmerdale character receives a new, interesting job offer, she chooses to leave the show.

Businesswoman Kim Tate gave Dawn Taylor a fresh opportunity at Home Farm (portrayed by Claire King).

Dawn understood, however, that it wouldn’t be worthwhile if she had to compete for the job with Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham).

Tensions between her and Kim only served to exacerbate the situation.

Dawn is expected to find a solution in upcoming ITV soap opera scenes, though.

When Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) welcomes her back to the veterinary clinic, she is overjoyed.

She is even given the opportunity to train as a vet nurse by the local doctor.

Kim and Dawn eventually found a way to set their differences aside.

In the meantime, Nicky the nanny decides to remain on Home Farm despite Dawn being absent.

Dawn is glad to be back at the surgery’s reception, but Gabby keeps trying to make a good impression on Kim.

She is successful in doing so by taking the initiative to come up with a plan to update the company’s online appearance.

Soon after, when Kim stops over to discuss the brochure she’s been working on, Gabby smiles.

For Gabby, is everything going well?

Will Kim provide any positive news to her?

When Kim offered them the chance to demonstrate their abilities to become her right-hand lady with the opening of a new stud farm in the hamlet, Gabby and Dawn got into a fight.

Later, Kim pushed Dawn to be ambitious by suggesting that she work as a team with Gabby, which enraged the latter.

However, Dawn didn’t go along and turned down the position, giving Gabby the opportunity.

Kim, who would not accept a no, accused Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) of becoming involved and questioned Dawn about her choice.

Dawn had recently struggled with Nicky, the male nanny, since she felt she was missing out on some of her children’s most important times.

Will she have the time she needs to spend with them thanks to her new job?

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