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Danny Miller reveals newborn baby’s name and the meaning behind it

Emmerdale actor Danny Miller and fiancé Steph Jones have named their newborn boy Albert.

The actor, who is best known for his role as Aaron Dingle in the ITV serial, said he has always liked the name, but it had a particular resonance for Steph because it was her grandfather’s name.

‘I’ve liked the name since I was a youngster,’ Danny said.

‘Steph’s grandfather was named Albert, but I only knew him as Steph’s grandfather while we were in school, so when I offered it, I had no idea it was her grandfather’s name.

‘I think it was just the anticipation of waiting nine months to meet them and then finally being able to say that the kid is here and he’s safe and sound,’ Steph told OK! magazine about the moment she brought Albert into the world.

‘It’s also helped me fall in love with Steph a lot more.’ I was completely awestruck by her, and we are completely awestruck by him.

‘He’s only been here a few weeks, but I’m not sure what I’d do without him.’ I ended myself looking at him for five hours straight when he came.’

Danny, 30, originally shared the good news on social media about two weeks ago, with a photo of his newborn child’s hand grasping their fingers and a sign reading “Hello World.”

‘I was fortunate enough to meet someone who shines bright enough to take me out of the dark, but I never anticipated I’d be led to the brightest location possible,’ he said in the caption.

‘I never realized the delight a kid provides you,’ Steph wrote.

‘Thank you, @danny b miller, for demonstrating real happiness and providing the finest possible support!’

‘I am in awe of you and our lovely kid,’ Danny answered. Thank you for making my life complete, and I vow I’ll take care of you both and love you forever.’

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