Danny Miller desperate to see former co-star Ryan Hawley back in Emmerdale

A beloved character from Emmerdale may make a shocking comeback as part of a current plot.

Emmerdale viewers got to see Danny Miller’s Aaron Dingle, who had previously left the hamlet, return as part of Super Soap Week 2023. In the upcoming weeks, things will undoubtedly take unexpected turns.

Now, Danny, 32, has revealed the former co-star he’d like to see back in Emmerdale in an interview, which was carried by our friends at The Mirror. I’m still really close with Ryan Hawley, Danny declared. We’re still tight even if Adam Thomas (a.k.a. Adam Barton) and Kelvin Fletcher (who played Andy Sugden) are both out doing their own thing.

“However, if I had to choose just one person, it would be Ryan. I just need to see if I can convince him otherwise. I receive a video or message requesting the return of Robron every single day. I find it incredible that people are still so committed in the programme nearly four years after Ryan left. I’m crossing my fingers that the band will eventually reunite.

As most Emmerdale viewers are aware, Ryan Hawley portrayed Robert Sugden, Aaron’s partner, in the serial opera. After receiving a prison sentence related to the killing of Lee Posner, Robert departed the programme back in 2019.

We’ll keep you informed of any changes to the Emmerdale cast.

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