Craig Charles’ biggest scandals – drugs binge, Corrie suspension and co-star feud

Craig Charles, an actor, comedian, and presenter with a more than 30-year career, has led a spectacular life in the spotlight.

When Craig debuted as one of the major actors of the beloved BBC comedy series Red Dwarf in 1988, he rapidly became well-known.

After hosting BBC’s Robot Wars, the actor and family guy earned a part in ITV’s Coronation Street in 2005.

But while having a reputation for having a lovely, lovable disposition in films, the actor also developed a reputation for abusing drink and drugs frequently when he was younger.

And when the media learned what he had been up to, some of his actions gained attention.

The Daily Star has examined some of the celebrity’s biggest scandals as he approaches yet another milestone.

Drugs and alcohol fuelled 20s

At the height of his celebrity, Craig admitted that his excessive use of drugs and alcohol in his twenties caused him to keep large check payments hidden for several months before paying them.

However, the celebrity also acknowledged that his partying addiction grew out of control and frequently became uncontrollable.

In an interview with The Guardian, Craig stated: “For many years, my head disappeared very firmly up my a***.

“Then I would miss appointments or show up late. I failed to put up the effort, lack the work ethic, and give things the complete attention they required.

Coronation Street suspension

Craig was fired from ITV’s venerable serial Coronation Street in 2006 when he allegedly appeared in a Daily Mirror photo using cocaine in a cab’s back seat.

The publication at the time said that just after ending his music show, he purchased the £600 hoard from a dealer close to the BBC’s Portland Place studios.

According to sources, Charles reportedly used 60 hits of crack cocaine during the four-hour drive, stopping only to read pornographic magazines that he had purchased from two gas stations along the way.

Following the revelation, a representative for Coronation Street claimed that Charles had spoken with producer Steve Frost about the press reports and had been instructed to take a break.

The spokesperson declared: “The length of the suspension has not yet been decided because more research is required.

At this time, Craig has nothing to say to the media.

The actor later acknowledged his drug use, calling it “one of the lowest times of my life,” admitting he was having a hard time dealing with his parents’ deaths at the time.

He stated: “When my mother passed away, I started using narcotics; after my father passed away, I did so once more. I was stuck in this tiny apartment in Manchester, missing my family, working for about 14 hours every day, and constantly driving on long stretches of highway.

So, you know, that was just a coping mechanism.

I have a dead addiction. You are aware that you might develop both positive and bad addictions. As a result, one could say that I have developed positive addictions.

Tragic brother fall-out

The late actor Dean had a contentious relationship with the actor Craig.

The actor discussed his relationship with his brother and what transpired before his brother’s death when speaking with John Bishop on W.

We had a family argument and we had fallen out, he stated, adding: “We had fallen out. We hadn’t been conversing.

Before I entered (I’m A Celebrity), he texted me a few times, saying, “Craig, it’s Dean, just want to speak, blah, blah, blah.

“And I’ve largely disregarded him. I felt like I couldn’t handle this at this time.

We’ll all be together by Christmas if I do what I’m going to do, which is go into the bush, do that, and then come back out. And, uh, that didn’t happen.”

TV clash

In 2020, when Craig was a guest on ITV’s reality series Don’t Rock The Boat, she and Olympic gold medalist Victoria Pendleton appeared to be at odds.

Twelve celebrities attempted to row the entire length of Britain in a five-part reality series, but the job proved difficult.

Craig shared his true feelings about Victoria, who was on his team at the time, saying he didn’t want to argue with her and that she was to blame for his sadness and unhappiness on the show.

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