Corrie’s Yasmeen fights to clear Stu’s name as street turn against him after prison stint

Yasmeen Nazir from Coronation Street will make an effort to clear Stu Carpenter’s name the next week after his incarceration.

In some highly dramatic moments on the ITV soap opera last Wednesday, Stu (Bill Fellows) was detained on suspicion of murder. Yasmeen (Shelley King) found out about Stu’s arrest for Charlie’s murder via his ex-wife Lucy, who suspects him of killing her after learning the two were having an affair.

After his DNA was discovered all over the young woman, Stu eventually confessed to the crime, but he still maintains his innocence following a tragic unjust conviction.

According to recent ITV leaks, viewers will learn that Stu was forced into confessing and will be freed from jail the following week.

As Zeedan (Qasim Akhtar) and Alya (Sair Khan) comb through the case files on Monday’s episode, they discover Stu’s interview tapes. Sam Robertson’s character Adam Barlow draws attention to the fact that Stu was interrogated for more than 10 hours, which is against the law, and that a video is missing as well.

Alya visits Stu in prison, but their contact is cut short when her grandma Yasmeen shows up. After Alya leaves, Stu tells Yasmeen the entire truth about his relationship with Charlie. Later, Yasmeen describes how Stu wants Zeedan and Alya to speak with his lawyer, Norman, who reveals that Stu was forced into making the confession.

As it is obvious that Stu is innocent and has nowhere else to go, Alya then puts pressure on Yasmeen to allow him to move back home. A few days later, as Stu is leaving the prison, Yasmeen is waiting for him, shocking him.

Yasmeen informs Stu that she thinks he is innocent in Victoria Garden and demands that he inform Bridget of his plans.

When Stu returns to the street, Dev and Bernie are hostile to him, and Stu reluctantly agrees since he is unsure of how Bridget would respond.

Stu is rescued by Yasmeen, who informs him that he will be relocating to No. 6 with her. A few days later, while Tim cautions him to avoid Yasmeen, Stu apologizes to Kelly.

Tim and Elaine implore Yasmeen to reconsider supporting Stu after Kelly quickly confirms that Stu is back in residence at No. 6 and that Yasmeen is assisting him in clearing his record.

Stu offers to leave No. 6 because he feels under pressure, but Yasmeen points out that leaving will only make him look guilty.

Will Stu choose to stay and allow Yasmeen and her family to assist him in establishing his innocence? Or will he find the drama to be too much and leave Weatherfield?

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