Corrie’s Tina O’Brien proudly shares Waterloo Road star daughter’s blonde hair transformation as she has first colour treatment

Favorite Corrie Street cast member Tina O’Brien recently disclosed that her daughter Scarlett, 14, has changed her hairstyle in a rare post about fellow actresses. As she made her way to the salon for her first color treatment, the proud mother of two couldn’t help but express her admiration for Waterloo Road actress Scarlett.

As she included a link to the page of stylist Kia Styles, she uploaded videos of Scarlett before her makeover and with foils in her hair. “My little lady getting all grown up (I don’t post often about my S&B.,” she captioned the videos on her Instagram Stories. I’ll ony post what they are happy to share and is comfortable for them.)”

Tina’s tweet was shared by @kia_styles_of Boombae Salon in Trafford Park, who added, “When the mammy loves it as much as the baby girl your doing something right.” As brunette Scarlett underwent a “big change” and got blonde with a balayage treatment and babylights, delicate and natural highlights that merge with the natural base color, Kia shared behind-the-scenes photos from the salon on her Instagram page.

“I had the honor of coloring @scarlettjthomas26’s hair for the first time EVER,” Kia wrote. She desired a significant shift today. To add some brightness and softness, along with some bangs and a cut, I chose to combine balayage, baby lights, and micro facial framing.

She continued, “How stunning is she. See whether blondes enjoy themselves more. When the relaunched BBC One school drama returned to screens earlier this year, Scarlett got high praise for her portrayal of Izzy Charles, the daughter of Donte Charles, who was played by her real-life uncle Adam Thomas.

In the words of Lisa Smales, “Stunning hair for a stunning talented young lady x.” Gem remarked, “Unreal.” “BOOOOOOMMMMM, this is absolutely beautiful,” Debbie Marsden exclaimed. The cut is incredible, and the colors are very natural.

Eight-year-old Teddy, Scarlett’s cousin, plays the role of Tommy in the film Waterloo Road.

Adam, a former Emmerdale actor who later played Adam Barton on the ITV soap opera for almost ten years, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to reprise his role as Donte next to his family.

He described how things have worked out as “magic” and expressed the hope that the reopening of Waterloo Road will help his son Teddy and niece Scarlett launch successful careers. The idea that Scarlett and Teddy got to launch their careers on the same program that I did many years ago is just a dream come true, Adam said. “It’s just unbelievable, it’s full circle, it’s magic how life works out,” he said.

The drama on the ITV soap is presently centered on Tina, who has played Sarah Platt since 1999. After a business meeting, married Underworld manager Sarah slept with sleazy drug dealer Damon Hay in a hotel.

She broke off their relationship because she believed he would be arrested. However, she was shocked to see Damon joyfully return to Weatherfield a free man after being represented in court by her solicitor husband Adam Barlow.

As he celebrated his acquittal, the two continued to flirt, but Sarah put a stop to it and claimed she wanted to focus on her marriage to Adam.

After declaring she wanted to have a child with her husband, she went home and slept with him, leaving fans to speculate about the possibility of a “who’s the father?” plot.

Tina shared a video of Scarlett performing the Freya Ridings ballad Lost Without You in 2021, and her followers were astounded by her vocals. She’s going to definitely kill me for uploading this, but I’m so proud of her and her wonderful voice, Tina said when she posted the video. All day long, I could listen to her sing.

We’re in the kitchen with the dogs and the tumble dryer, and the sound is terrible. Even still, I believe she is outstanding considering that she is only 12 years old and is simply singing here for pleasure.

Tina’s ex-boyfriend Ryan Thomas, who portrayed Jason Grimshaw in Corrie, is the father of Scarlett. Additionally, Tina and her husband Adam Crofts share an eight-year-old kid named Beau.

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