Corrie’s Stu daughter identity ‘exposed’ by fans – Tracy Barlow DNA link to abuse plot

The news that Stu Carpenter has a hidden daughter has Coronation Street viewers on the edge of their seats.

The former homeless chef has been hiding information from her boss Yasmeen Nazir, who is furious when she sabotages his plans by revealing the address of his daughter Bridget.

In the end, Stu makes the decision to personally reconnect with his long-lost child and knocks on her door, but Bridget freaks out and tells her dad to leave.

Insisting that he has never hurt anyone, Stu begs Bridget to listen to him out, but he later admits to Yasmeen that he entered the wrong address.

And what is he concealing? Fans believe they are aware…

DNA link to Tracy Barlow

Longtime Cobbles competitor Tracy Barlow has been connected to Stu, and some fans are even certain Stu is her uncle.

Viewers watched Stu and Tracy fighting earlier in the year about a box of stolen wine after Tracy caught him using her bathroom and became irate with the chef.

In a shocking turn of events, fans have proposed that Stu might actually be Tracy’s genuine father rather than the late Ray Langton, who was said to be her “biological” father.

Could Stu learn Tracy is also linked to him by finding his long-lost daughter Bridget?

There was a Facebook fan who made the following claim: “Rumor has it that Stu Pot’s daughter is Tracy Barlow!”

However, someone else quickly clarified: “Ray Langton was Tracy’s father. He moved away after cheating on Deirdre!

Child abuse plot

Fans are worried that Stu may have a very shady history because he promised Bridget that he “never mistreated anyone” and is scrambling to hide his tracks when it comes to Yasmeen.

It may be revealed as Bridget slams the door on her father that Stu was complicit in a horrifying child abuse plot, as suggested by his inebriated actions in Speed Daal.

Could that also explain why Stu lost his job at the pub and perhaps his Navy employment?

Please not a child abuser, I hope not, wrote one concerned fan on social media, while another added: “Another miserable storyline coming up I suppose.”

Another lamented, “It seems they can only make doom and gloom storylines last.

“Please let Stu be a nice man and have no nasty secrets about him,” one person echoed. Yasmeen working at the restaurant gets along well with him.

Shock pregnancy

Some fans have speculated that Bridget may be concealing a pregnancy from her father and may even have become pregnant through one of his enemies.

Stu has at least one grandchild, who welcomes him home, as seen in behind-the-scenes photos during filming.

While Bridget might undoubtedly use another pregnancy as an excuse to hide from him when she initially answers the door, his ex-wife Lucy urges him to avoid her.

One astute follower on Twitter quipped: “Ooo, Stu has an ex wife and daughter. If ever I heard a plot for the future, here it is. I bet his daughter will show up and announce that she is expecting!

I wager that Stu’s daughter will become pregnant or give birth to a child with one of his former adversaries, possibly from his time in the Navy, as another person speculated.

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