Corrie’s Spider Nugent secret ‘rumbled’ – Elsie’s dad, Daisy kidnap twist and abuser

Fans of Coronation Street are confident they have uncovered the evil plans behind Spider Nugent’s return after it was revealed that he is keeping something from Toyah Habeeb.

Spider was recently detained at a demonstration; Toyah met him in the police station after he was let go with a warning.

Back at the apartment, Toyah kissed Spider and they got into bed together before Toyah changed her mind and told Spider to go.

What is he hiding if he answered his phone while standing on the cobblestones and said he was buried in work and couldn’t wait to come back?

Fans believe they already know…

Daisy kidnap plot

In a shocking turn of events, some viewers are certain that Spider is related to bartender Daisy and may even be complicit in a sinister kidnapping scheme.

Some people are certain that Spider, Jenny Connor’s ex-boyfriend whose identity has never been verified, may be Daisy’s biological father.

Spider and Jenny haven’t yet had any scenes together, so anything is still conceivable. Daisy might possibly be a victim of a vicious hostage-taking plot by a crazy Toyah and Spider.

It wouldn’t be the first time Toyah had gone to great lengths to keep a kid; in order to keep Alfie to herself, she had even been accused of murdering Imran while hiding him from Abi.

One person asked on Facebook: “Maybe this could be a soap storyline: Spider is Daisy’s biological father, Jenny is actually her birth mother, and Toyah is going to kidnap Daisy.”

The current state of soap operas, another person said, “Nothing would surprise me.”

Elsie’s father

Toyah had been desperate for a child of her own since since she lost her adoptive daughter Elsie, who was taken away by social services after Imran’s affair was revealed. However, with prison looming, it doesn’t appear likely.

Fans now speculate that Spider might be her biological father, which could bring the two back together.

“How weird would it be if it turns out Elsie is [Spider’s] daughter lol, he gets back with Toyah and she fights for Elsie back,” one astute fan said on Facebook.

Another user wrote on Twitter: “Since they revealed Spider is returning to Corrie, I’m convinced he’s Elsie’s dad and that’s how Toyah gets her back!”

“Just been watching vintage Corrie,” another wrote, “he’s in hope he comes back that Toyah and him recreate what they had, even happily ever after and possibly a baby.”

Elsie’s origin is largely unknown, save for the knowledge that she was molested before meeting Toyah and Imran; nevertheless, her father has never been addressed.

Aaron’s abuser

The name of the father who is abusing Summer’s lover Aaron at home hasn’t yet been made public, despite spoilers confirming this.

In a critical identity twist, some fans are certain that Spider is responsible for the bruises and split lips that appeared on Aaron’s skin.

One fan who shared their views on Twitter claimed that “The Spider of Old” wouldn’t harm Toyah in any way, so whatever he has planned is more likely to be related to his activism than specifically targeted at her.

“I do wonder whether he is the father of Elsie or Summer’s boyfriend.”

Others have, however, questioned whether Stu or perhaps Stephen might be linked to Aaron and responsible for his abuse. Only time will tell, of course.

Violet’s husband

One soap speculation, as published by The Express, suggested that Violet Wilson, the mother of Dylan Tully’s father Sean Tully, would be making a comeback to the cobbles.

During Sean and Laurence’s date last week, Violet came up as he admitted the two were simply friends when they had their baby.

However, a fresh hypothesis has emerged that Violet might have been the recipient of his enigmatic call, with speculating that he married Violet while residing in London.

It suggests that Spider and Violet may have become friends during their time spent on the cobbles, moved in together during the Covid-19 lockdown, and Dylan may not have even known they were married because he was in Weatherfield with Sean.

Could Spider be having an extramarital affair with Toyah?

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