Corrie’s Sharon star’s forgotten TV roles – Little Britain role to royal co-star

Actress Naomi Cooper-Davis first caught the attention of Coronation Street viewers in 2019 when she portrayed the nasty debt collector Sharon Geary.

She delighted viewers with her portrayal of the evil henchwoman while performing the tasks assigned to her by her loan shark employer Rick Neelan.

Sharon got caught up in a number of exciting plotlines, including helping Rick abduct Gary and apprehend Sarah Platt, Leanne, and Toyah Battersby at Rick’s office.

She takes on the post intermittently from 2018 to 2020 before returning in September 2021.

However, the gifted actress has taken on a number of other TV roles.

Before she set foot on the fabled cobblestones, Naomi participated in the legendary comic sketch series Little Britain, where she shared the stage with David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

In 2012, the actress co-starred with Sophie Winkleman in the infamous paintball episode The Love Bunker of the hit comedy series Peep Show, where she played Deena.

When she played a prostitute in the historical crime drama The Borgias set in the fourteenth century, the star changed the course of her career.

In 2019, she played Kaylee Jones in the UK adaptation of the Norwegian series Temple, about a surgeon who is determined to rescue his dying wife and starts treating criminals for money in his extremely illegal covert subterranean clinic. This was her first recurring role since Coronation Street.

This week, Naomi will make a dramatic comeback to Weatherfield, giving Gary an unpleasant surprise. Kelly receives a visit from Sharon to celebrate her engagement.

Although Laura Neelan accepted responsibility before passing away, Gary urges Rick Neelan’s former loan shark accomplice not to spoil Kelly’s happiness by disclosing that he killed her father.

Then Aadi reveals that Kelly was taken hostage by some of Rick’s victims before being rescued by Gary.

Sharon is terrified when Kelly asks Gary to give her away at her wedding because she is still moved by his commitment to her and his role as her guardian.

As ITV viewers are aware, Gary killed Rick in self-defense after the cruel loan shark terrorized locals in the cobbles. However, only a select few people are aware of his identity.

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