Corrie’s Ryan Thomas fears Lucy Mecklenburgh could go into labour during his ITV stint

Ryan Thomas, a former Coronation Street star, is currently on edge since his partner Lucy Mecklenburgh may give birth while he is competing in ITV’s The Games.

Ryan, 37, will compete in a variety of sporting disciplines alongside twelve other celebrities as part of the sporting program.

However, the singer admitted that Lucy, a former TOWIE star, may give birth soon, which he hopes does not happen.

“I know that it is near,” he told Daily Star exclusively at a recent round table discussion.

“It’s going to happen soon, and I’m afraid it might happen during the concert, but all I can do now is cross my fingers that it won’t happen so I can finish the work.”

Despite his concerns, Ryan stated that the show will be held near a hospital in the event of an emergency.

“I’m not far from here, and we’re not far from hospital,” he continued.

Lucy and Ryan met on the reality show Celebrity Island With Bear Grylls in 2017, where they were both competing.

Roman, the couple’s two-year-old son, is also theirs.

Lucy has been a huge supporter of Ryan’s journey on The Games, and she just posted an Instagram story of her partner looking ripped.

“While I’ve been getting heavier, he’s been getting fitter!” she captioned Ryan’s shirtless photo. Haha.

I’m a proud fiancée watching him practice so hard for @thegamestv in nine sports while also adding extra training and adhering to a stricter diet than usual.

“Then taking the kids out and assisting with daddy duties on his “break days” and evenings!”

“These last 12 weeks have taken a lot of will power and effort, and I couldn’t be more proud of him!”

“The first LIVE show is tonight at 9pm on ITV1, can’t wait to watch with my tub of ice-cream,” she said at the end of the letter.

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