Corrie’s Ronnie ‘set Ed up to be electrocuted’ as fans twig sinister true identity

After getting electrocuted last week, Ed Bailey of Coronation Street might be in a lot of danger since people believe his brother Ronnie is up to no good.

When an electrical blast knocked Ed back as he was working on a radiator at Debbie Webster’s hotel, he ended himself in the hospital with his wife Aggie by his side.

Aggie threatened to consult a lawyer after the owner of the Bistro refused to apologize and accept responsibility even though she was aware that the electrics hadn’t been tested in more than a year. The two vowed to exact revenge on Debbie.

Ronnie had earlier in the week shown Ed and Paul a picture of a shuttered tavern and suggested they pool their money to buy it so they could turn it into flats.

However, viewers have seen what appears to be a dark undercurrent in the plans, as Ronnie persuaded Ed to quit Steve’s roofing job in order to go to the hotel and obtain further funding for the renovations.

“So I may be way off about this because I missed the scene when Ed had his accident,” one person wrote on Reddit. Could Ronnie have somehow framed him?

“He wanted money for the refurbishment of the building he intends to purchase, so he was quite eager for Ed to forgo the roof job at Steve’s house in favor of work at the hotel. Is it likely he was aware of the wiring’s condition and regarded it as an opportunity to take advantage of Debbie’s money?”

They also said “I hope I’m wrong because I like Ronnie, but when he was first introduced, Ed avoided him because he thought he may have a harmful impact (perhaps increasing Ed’s gambling?). I can’t really recall).”

I hope not, it would be good if there were some characters in the show that didn’t have shady hidden goals, a rapid reply from another social media user said.

The original poster responded, “I was actually thinking that when I posted my comment, everyone always seems to have some type of covert conspiracy going on these days!”

On Twitter, another user made the following statement: “Debbie is going to borrow money from Ronnie to pay Ed, isn’t she?” allowing him to charge a significant amount of interest.

Zero chance, but someone else disagreed:

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