Corrie’s Phill ‘to murder Tyrone’ as fans ‘uncover’ his real motive after wedding

Fans of Coronation Street believe they have discovered Phill Whittaker’s “problem” as he tries to woo Fiz Stape back.

Despite the fact that Fiz and Phill were married, she split up with him soon after the lavish wedding ceremony to get back together with Tyrone Dobbs, who later admitted he had cheated on her with Alina Pop.

Fiz was unable to resist falling back into her ex-arms lover’s once Alina had gone.

Fans, however, have been wary of Phill from the beginning and now believe he would resort to drastic methods to win her back, even killing Tyrone.

I definitely need to know where Phill is getting all of his money from, one fan tweeted.

“A dinner jacket and a band? What about the house, the renovations, the wedding, and the attire? Is he a bad guy who intends to murder Tyrone? Kelly, did you give him a bag of money?

“I must know! #Corrie.”

One more said: “I believe Phill is planning to steal Fiz’s house and much more… Fiz fell for all he had planned, hook, line, and sinker!

Someone else predicted, “Fake Phill will flee with the money from the mansion.

It is especially puzzling in light of the fact that Phill was sacked from the council after leaking information to Maria and was frantically trying to sell Tyrone and Fiz’s home in order to raise more money.

After discussing his current plot with the Daily Star, actor Jamie Kenna said: “I think love is blind and love can make us do very, very out of character things.

“Therefore, he almost goes through his entire wardrobe of dress-up costumes in an effort to conjure up specific scenarios to win her back.

He does everything that he can think of, the celebrity continued, but from the outside looking in, it’s kind of terrible and embarrassing to witness.”

But despite his ostensibly good intentions, much more than a disastrous wedding day might be at risk.

Since Fiz had “plenty of opportunities” to run back to him, Phill may not currently suspect Tyrone, but once he learns that they have resumed their relationship, things may turn out very differently.

He said: “I think he’ll disregard it because if it’s that, why hasn’t it happened before. It’ll be one of the things going through his head.

“With the book, Phill’s errors, and the fact that she moved back in with Tyrone, she had plenty of chances if she wanted to stay with Tyrone. Therefore, I don’t believe that’s his first guess as to why this has happened.”

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