Corrie’s Phill is ‘playing’ Fiz as fans rumble sinister motive amid violent speculation

Viewers of Coronation Street appear to believe Phill Whittaker may be planning something evil as he gets closer to Tyrone Dobbs.

After saying “I do,” Fiz decided she no longer wanted to be married to Phil, leaving Phil in complete and utter shock.

In an effort to get her back, Phill warned Fiz that he wouldn’t be able to handle learning that Tyrone was the reason for their breakup, which prompted Fiz to hurriedly invent a justification for her decision to end things.

However, given that Fiz and Tyrone are still covering their tracks and that Phill is tugging at their heartstrings, viewers suspect that Phill may be up to more than he is now admitting.

One user posted the following on Twitter: “I would adore it if Phil was challenging Tyrone and Fiz to a game. Another Phil and Tyrone catfight is long overdue.”

Added to that: “I believe Phill is aware of Tyrone and Fiz’s reconciliation. He’s playing them both, in my opinion.”

“Anyone else think Phill knows about Tyrone and Fizz and he’s playing them,” wrote the third.

A fourth said, “Convinced Phill knows about Fizz and Tyrone and has a cunning plan up his sleeve,” while the others agreed.

Others, though, appeared to believe that Tyrone and Fiz’s decision to keep their relationship a secret from Phill was “childish.”

“Fiz and Tyrone need to grow up and tell Phill that they are back together because it’s getting childish now that they are acting like bloody adolescents sneaking around,” one user commented on social media.

Phill and Tyrone’s relationship hasn’t always been easy going because Tyrone frequently interferes with Phill’s ability to connect with Fiz, which led to their breakup.

The two guys, who had previously gotten into a fight in wet clay, appeared to get along better in the most recent episode, to the point where Phill invited Tyrone to join him in his wedding suite.

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