Corrie’s Peter in violent clash with Ryan as he attacks Carla ahead of sad exit

Next week, violent scenes from Coronation Street will air before one character leaves the ITV soap opera.

Although it is widely anticipated that Peter Barlow will depart Weatherfield this year, he still appears to have a lot of drama ahead of him. When Ryan Connor snaps at his aunt, Carla Connor, Peter’s wife, Ryan is obliged to dramatically intervene. She is horrified as Ryan attacks her after hurling a glass at the wall.

In a sneak peek for Friday’s episode, which will run the following week, Carla is shown trembling as she tries to flee from Ryan as he rushes over to her flailing his hands in her face.

He comes towards her and gets in her face, screaming as she attempts to get him to stop, blaming her for an event as she tries to calm him down. Ryan appears to be about to harm his aunt at this very time as Peter bursts through the door.

Carla is still reeling from her nephew’s out of character outburst when he notices what is happening and grabs Ryan and pushes him up against a wall. Peter refuses and instructs Ryan to calm down while holding him against the wall as Ryan screams and begs for him to release him.

Although the immediate effects of Ryan’s behaviour are unclear, Carla and Peter have undoubtedly been shaken by it.

It starts when Ryan uploads pictures of his wounded body online and gets a negative response. Ryan is urged by Carla to disregard the message, but he ends up lashing out and venting his rage on the wrong person.

Ryan has been abusing steroids and is now addicted, which Peter and Carla have yet to learn. After being assaulted with acid in March, the character has had a challenging year. On the day of her wedding, Daisy Midgeley’s stalker Justin threw the poison at her, but Ryan stepped in front of him and was struck in the face and all over his body.

Ryan underwent a number of surgeries and skin grafts over the course of several weeks in the hospital, leaving him disfigured.

Ryan has recently started taking steroids as he struggles to deal with recent occurrences. In an effort to make money, he will also be lured into the world of sex work.

The beginning of the new plot is revealed in spoilers for the upcoming episode. Ryan just started uploading pictures of his body online and noticed he was receiving a lot of attention. Ryan promises to do what he can as Peter admits he owes someone £15,000 and could really use some rent from him the following week.

He tells Carla and Peter he’s going to The Bistro for some shifts after avoiding work lately as he recovers from the attack. Carla worries that her nephew will feel too much pressure.

Later, Liv, one of Ryan’s social media fans, sends him a message, to which Ryan responds. But when she asks him to take off his trousers and take a picture, he is taken aback.

Ryan thinks about trying to monetize his social media posts, but Sean and Daisy caution him that the only way to accomplish it is by selling very dubious images. Later in the week, following a brief encounter with Daisy, Ryan experiences emotional difficulty.

He visits the O-Vidz website, sets up a new account, and uploads his first video. Soon after, Liv starts messaging him once more and requests more content, and all the while, his account picks up new subscribers. With the money coming in, Ryan asserts that he is now really a fitness influencer online and is able to cover his rent.

Later, Guy sends Ryan a message offering to pay for some exclusive images. In order to further his profile, Ryan removes his top and meticulously covers his scars. Guy offers him £100 in exchange for a film of his entire body and face, but will he actually follow through?

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