Corrie’s Millie Gibson shares sweet photo with co-star after final scene together

After their final scene together aired this evening, Corrie actor Millie Gibson tweeted a stunning snapshot of Georgia Taylor.

The dramatic exit of the 18-year-old who has played Kelly Neelan in the soap opera for four years is expected to air very soon, as Kelly sets out to ruin Gary after learning he was accountable for her father’s death.

Georgie’s personality After confessing to undercover detective Spider that she killed her husband Imran after discovering his extramarital affair, Toyah became embroiled in her own intriguing plot.

Millie posted a selfie of herself and Georgie outdoors in identical red ITV jackets, grinning, on her Instagram Story.

“Last scene with my love aired tonight… @realgeorgiataylor,” she said, adding a teary face and a heart emoji to her message.

Georgia, 42, liked Millie’s picture on her own Instagram story and added the hashtag “love you @milliegibbo” with an emoji of a purple heart.

Millie called Coronation Street “home” in an interview with the Mirror, although she wanted to look into potential new careers.

Because I’m so young, Millie explained, I thought I had to leave.

“I’m still grateful to be living at home since I have no obligations—I don’t have kids, a mortgage to pay, or anything else of the sort.”

The teen’s parents apparently weren’t pleased with her decision to leave, but she eventually won them over.

“When I first decided that this would be the year I did it, my parents asked, ‘Are you sure? You’re doing amazing and have great tales; it’s such a safe environment,’ Millie added.

“I know, but I have to believe my gut; I have to follow my instincts,” I said.

At first, I followed it without getting their approval, but as soon as I did, I was able to persuade them.

During her time on Coronation Street, Millie has been at the center of several significant storylines.

Her persona was a part of a hate crime plot that saw her accused of killing Seb Franklin (Harry Visinoni).

She was originally found guilty of the murder before additional evidence led to her exoneration.

As she was filming her last scenes, Millie admitted she was a “disaster.”

Although specifics are being withheld, Millie told The Mirror and other media that her final moments on the cobblestones are “dramatic,” and that she sobbed during filming.

The actress earlier posted a heartfelt remark on Instagram to honor her co-stars.

Millie wrote: “Now that the news is out about me quitting the cobbles, I just want to say I’ve had the most wonderful 4 years,” alongside pictures of her Corrie friends all together.

“Growing up here, I’ve forged enduring connections, acquired so much knowledge, and I’m eternally grateful for my time and the narratives I’ve been given,” the author said.

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