Corrie’s Maureen Lipman walks NTAs red carpet alone despite wanting to show off new man

Despite wishing to flaunt her new guy two years after the passing of her partner, Coronation Street star Maureen Lipman walked the red carpet at the National Television Awards by alone.

The 77-year-old actress, who is best known for playing Evelyn Plummer in the ITV serial opera, discussed her desire to make her new “gentleman friend” public at the most glitzy night on television. Since she knew going to the award event would be a “baptism of fire” for David, Maureen had promised she would bring him along. The two are thought to have crossed paths when Guido Castro, her longtime partner, passed away in January 2021 at the age of 84 from Covid. Parkinson’s disease was also a problem for him.

The NTA red carpet was walked by Maureen alone, though. From 1973 until his death from bone cancer in 2004, Maureen was married to playwright Jack Rosenthal, who also penned more than 150 screenplays and the first few episodes of Corrie. Amy and Adam are their shared two children. Although she said she didn’t anticipate she would fall in love later in life, the soap star said it has been a “gift to have a relationship again.”

She told the Sunday Express that she would be accompanying her male friend David, who was about to undergo a baptism of fire at the NTAs at the O2 Arena in London. My ability to find a dress is of utmost importance. Regarding her unforeseen romance, she continued, “It’s a gift for everyone involved.

He has been extremely courteous, and it is a gift. We’ll see how it develops, but I’ve met some nice and fascinating men in my life.

Maureen said she “no longer races home” from long days of filming Corrie because her partner Guido is no longer there after losing him two years ago. In order to be closer to her job throughout the week, she leases a condo in Manchester’s Media City. As she opened up about her grief to The Mirror at the time, she recalled how she was unable to touch Guido’s hand since she had to wear full PPE at his bedside because he passed away at the height of the pandemic.

With gloves and a pinafore on, she exclaimed, “It is unbelievable to have to say goodbye to someone. Consideration is not necessary. In a nursing home, he recovered from COVID. He essentially perished, though. He was completely knocked out. All of us have experienced loss and suffering. Though there is no mention of the deceased person in the Jewish prayer for the dead, life moves on. It serves as a thank you for life. You simply keep going, in reality.

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