Corrie’s Lucy Fallon reveals horrendous pregnancy symptoms like ‘worst hangover’ ever

Since Lucy Fallon’s time on Coronation Street began, we have followed her as she makes her way up the celebrity ladder. We are now ecstatic as the actress informs us that she is 22 weeks pregnant!

The 26-year-old already shares her lovely Pomeranian Sushi with her football player boyfriend Ryan Ledson, who has a sweet heart around her neck that reads, “We’ve been keeping a secret.”

Ryan, a 25-year-old player for Preston North End in the Championship, exclaims, “We’re really excited.” “I’ve always wanted to have kids when I’m still young so that I can be active with them.”

However, because Lucy tragically lost her unborn child in March, the couple’s excitement has also been accompanied by some dread.

She tells us, “It was a traumatizing, horrible moment. It was quite up and down because we had a scan and they said they couldn’t find anything. Then, when we went to the hospital, they said they felt they could see something.

“I was experiencing pregnancy symptoms and felt terribly ill. It came as more of a shock because there were no indications that I had lost the pregnancy. We simply assumed that everything would be alright. Then, after a week, after the blood tests and other tests, I returned, and they informed me that I had miscarried. It was a very odd sensation.

“Despite the fact that so many people experience it, you never anticipate having it happen to you.

I had visualized this tiny person entering our lives, but they were later snatched from me. It was incredibly difficult, but thankfully Ryan was so understanding.

Ryan continues, “We were both quite depressed about it. But the hospital’s staff was excellent. They continued to check in on us even a few weeks later to make sure we were alright. Anyone who goes through it won’t find it enjoyable. It wasn’t until I talked to close friends and sought for advice that I realized how common it was.

However, the couple said that the experience strengthened their bond and helped them realize that having children was something they truly desired.

Lucy, whose due date is February 2, says, “That altered things and it helped us realize that was certainly what we wanted.” Situations like that might put your relationship to the test. It strengthened and bonded us.

The couple, who have been together for almost two years and first connected through the celebrity dating app Raya, claim to be taken aback by Lucy’s subsequent pregnancies.

Lucy, who portrayed Bethany Platt on the Cobbles for almost five years, says, “We’re incredibly fortunate that it occurred again for us. “I wasn’t placing any pressure on myself, and neither were we, so it just happened that way for us. Simply said, it was supposed to occur.

We had visited the Maldives, and the day before I was meant to give birth, I felt pregnant, she continues. I ran a test, and the line appeared immediately. Prior to Ryan, I actually told my mother. I FaceTimed her because I thought my eyes were deceiving me. Ryan got home, and I just said, “This has happened!” while holding the test in my hand.

Ryan chuckles, “Coming back from training to that was a little unexpected. I was a little taken aback by what we experienced. It felt like the next step for us, though, because we’re grown ups.

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