Corrie’s Leo ‘exposed’ – secret serial killer, Johnny link and sinister ‘incest’ twist

Leo Tompkins from Coronation Street appears to be on the verge of having his true character revealed in upcoming scenes as his last day at work approaches and Daisy Midgley alerts Jenny Connor to his peculiar behavior.

Leo was initially presented just before Jenny’s husband Johnny Connor perished in the sinkhole, following their breakup and Jenny’s replacement of her more experienced model with a toy boy beau.

Leo’s actions have made people wonder what his genuine motivations might be because it’s quite uncommon for a newcomer on the ITV cobbles to have no malevolent agenda at all.

It appears that Leo is not the chaste former construction worker turned craft beer brewer he claims to be, what with a dark criminal past and a nefarious incest scheme that could land both Jenny and Daisy in hot water.

The Daily Star has investigated the possibilities that seem the most likely to be true.

Johnny link exposed

Before he was cruelly killed off in the sinkhole catastrophe, some fans are certain that Leo knew Johnny from when he was imprisoned for a historic crime last year.

In that vein, Leo might be planning a long-term strategy to get back at Jenny for their friendship.

One supporter posted on social media that “Leo is using Jenny. When did he start showing such interest in a senior woman like Jenny?

“I wonder if Johnny played around with Leo when he was in jail.”

Another said, “Leo is definitely going to be a villain. He had that evil, menacing expression on his face.

Another fan chimed in, “Don’t trust Leo!” while a fourth wrote, “I don’t trust Leo. I believe he wants something from Jenny, possibly money.

However, as one fan pointed out: “No, I’m sure Johnny saw him and said he seemed a great bloke?” some were quick to dismiss the hypothesis of Leo’s connection to Johnny.

Dark criminal past

Other accounts have claimed that Leo has been operating a criminal organization out of the Rovers, especially after his proclivity for brewing beer began to wane.

As Zeedan was forced to use Speed Daal to launder money in order to pay off his obligations, Corrie has already dealt with a money laundering conspiracy.

One admirer even speculated on social media that Daisy might be aware of his cunning plans to rob the pub from under her nose: “There is clearly something going on with Daisy and Leo. They may be acquainted and planning to con Jenny out of money.

Another wrote: “Leo and Daisy are using a long-term strategy. They both left to wash Jenny and are doing so right now.

Although Daisy hasn’t ostensibly begun an affair with Leo yet, it’s not absolutely impossible because many believe that Leo might be seduced away from Jenny.

Sinister incest plot

Another shocking development is the possibility that Leo and Daisy are half-siblings. Fans are certain that he is seeking retribution on Jenny for what happened to her son Tom.

Tom, the nameless father of Jenny and Daisy, tragically drowned when he was four years old when she briefly abandoned him in a wading pool.

Daisy made an effort to preserve the child, but there was nothing that could be done. Her father quickly moved on and began a relationship with Marina, having an unidentified son with her.

Leo’s father has been depicted on screen as an old friend of Jenny’s during a rather awkward hospital discussion, but it’s possible that he’s only adopted – and may even be the biological kid of Jenny’s first husband, as one enthusiastic fan eagerly pointed out.

He might also be seeking retribution against Jenny.

One dedicated soap opera fan tweeted his theory, saying: “Okay hear me out… Although we have never met him, we do know that he remarried after Jenny. What if Daisy is his half-sister and Leo is his son?

“If he kept his other family low, she might not know about him, and he might be seeking retribution against Jenny for the passing of his half-brother Tom?”

Which would make it a little odd that they’re dating, they continued.

I know we’ve technically seen Leo’s dad on television, but could he have been adopted? the viewer clarified in her comment.

Threesome twist

Some viewers may believe that Leo merely wants to get horny with multiple women, which would be a far cry from a terrible history.

Could he be game for a threesome with Daisy and Jenny in a steamy Corrie first?

Some viewers undoubtedly believe this, as seen by the Twitter jokes “This lad wants a threesome” and “Gonna be a threesome with this weird group”

Someone else added, “Threesome sleepover in the Rovers hehe.”

But what exactly is Leo doing? Will his genuine identity be revealed soon?

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