Corrie’s Kelly star hints at serious danger as she’s targeted by gangster in Rick plot

As Kelly Neelan takes on the role of her evil father, Millie Gibson has suggested that danger could be in store for her character.

Rick Neelan, Kelly’s father, terrorized Weatherfield locals, notably Gary Windass, who would later kill Rick in dramatic scenes from the soap opera.

Kelly is attempting to make up for his errors and return the money to his clients after learning the truth about what her father’s real work was. However, danger could be in store for her as she runs across some of his old friends.

Speaking to the Daily Star and other media, Millie Gibson made a hint that Kelly would be in danger if she ran across an old customer or came face to face with Ross.

Millie remarked, “You can tell on her face that he is visibly threatening.

“I believe she believes she can get around him and that once she shows him the wad of cash she has for him, he’ll turn into a cuddly toy, but as soon as he recognizes her in an accusatory manner, she thinks, “Oh gosh, I should probably go now,” and hastily leaves his property, thinking let’s not knock on that door again.

Millie quipped, “She thinks nothing of it, because she’s got so many people to knock on,” but she also hinted that Kelly wouldn’t be meeting the frightening Ross for the last time.

Ross eventually accepts Kelly’s gift, but not before dropping a signal that the adolescent might soon be in grave danger by calling a mysterious acquaintance to let him know about Kelly’s visit.

Even while Kelly’s future plans are being kept a closely-guarded secret, the actress hinted that things could not go as planned for her, saying: “I conceive [of it] as her way of paying back all the wrongs her dad perpetrated.

“I understand that it won’t help those who have already lost their chance, but it might help those who still have a chance.

She is a lifelong advocate for second chances. She is making every effort to turn it around.

I do think she is quite naive, Millie remarked, adding that whenever she knocks on these people’s doors, she believes it will improve their life.

Kelly doesn’t know that Gary Windass killed her father either, so when he warns her not to go see his former clients, might this be the first indication that the truth is about to come out?

She has been making an effort to act morally every day since Seb’s passing, according to Millie.

She simply really thinks that doing this is the correct thing in her thoughts. She’s very obstinate. That’s yet another quality she inherited from her parents. She was determined to act in her opinion.

“It doesn’t work out well when Gary tells her no.”

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