Corrie’s Kelly Neelan death ‘sealed’ as Millie Gibson talks ‘beginning of the end’

As tragedy unfolds on screen, it appears like Kelly Neelan, a beloved character on Coronation Street, may face a sticky end in upcoming moments.

Kelly learns the truth about her father Rick’s passing amid dramatic scenes: Gary Windass killed him. Kelly then decides to exact retribution by hiring a hitman.

However, one of her dad’s shady acquaintances, Kieron, betrays her and makes a vow to kill Kelly as well, making the entire incident appear to be a murder-suicide.

Spoiler images show Kelly on the verge of collapse as things come to a head on a rooftop after Gary was made to dig his own grave in the woods.

Actress Millie Gibson hinted to her character’s destiny in a statement to Daily Star: “Everything has really gotten to Kelly at this point, and I believe she has just come to terms with her fate.

“She has made an effort to fulfill her obligations, but I believe that she may have been a little naive in underestimating the kinds of individuals her father dealt with.

It just strikes back at her as she realizes, “Okay, I’m not my dad. I’m me.”

She is a 17-year-old girl who has gone through a lot in a short period of time, and the actor said, “She fears for her life. You’ll see how intense it is. this is the last time she can get back up.”

In the brief time she has lived on the cobbles, Kelly has seen her mother suffer from terminal cancer after being blamed for Rick’s murder, served time in prison for the killing of Seb Franklin, became destitute, and lived on the streets.

But when she learns Gary murdered her father, she will endure much more heartbreak.

I didn’t expect it to happen this way! It happens in a way you surely wouldn’t expect, Millie said. “It had to happen – the question was how much time it would take.”

An upset Millie claimed that was “gushing: “I’ve been a wreck. Ask anyone – there was a good two weeks when I was just crying constantly because I was so overwhelmed and appreciative for the moments and the tale. I just couldn’t stop crying” on the set of her final scenes.

“One scenario in particular stands out to me. Gary and I have never hugged or shared a kiss throughout Kelly and Gary’s relationship, but there is finally a point where Gary embraces Kelly.

“Even though it’s a really straightforward sequence, I just started crying as soon as we finished filming it since it marked the beginning of the end.

Oh my goodness, this is getting real now! That was our reaction when we began recording our final sequences of us being kind to one another.”

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