Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd snubbed by EastEnder Martin Kemp after ‘awful’ encounter

Crowning ordinance Street star Jack P Shepherd was left embarrassed when he met previous EastEnders entertainer Martin Kemp – after the pop icon neglected to remember him.

Jack, 34, who plays David Platt in Corrie, postured for a snap with the Spandau Ballet legend, who was hosing a 80s night at Tatton Park, Knutsford, Cheshire.

Yet, Martin, 60, a Celebrity Gogglebox #1, neglected to perceive Jack, who uncovered the concise experience on The Sofa Cinema Club digital broadcast, which he has with Colson Smith and Ben Price.

Jack said: “I went to Tatton Park for Martin Kemp’s 80s night, he’s doing a DJ set. We are in general there pausing and the coordinators come over and say, ‘Jack – will you have a photograph with Martin behind the stage?’

“I’ve gone, ‘No, I don’t have any acquaintance with him, I’ve never met him… ‘ and they go, ‘C’mon, setting up on the social is simply’.

“So I’ve gone, ‘alright, fine’. I feel truly aggy about doing a photograph with somebody I don’t have the foggiest idea. I’m strolling behind the stage with the picture taker that is there and we’re making casual conversation. He’s discussing my face ointment, going, ‘That is great’.

“We’re counting the seconds until Martin shows up. He’s not as yet even here. The vehicle pulls up and he’s on shortly. He’s actually eating a fish sandwich.

“He has no clue about who I am. Thus, I’m there simply kind of stood checking Martin out. The coordinators go, ‘Martin, might we at any point get an image with you and Jack?’ And he kind of looks and goes, ‘No doubt… hey’. I’m like, ‘Greetings, Martin’.”

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