Corrie’s Jack P Shepherd in fuming rant about household item as he explains why it ‘doesn’t work’

In a humorous Instagram video, Coronation Street actor Jack P Shepherd had a few choice words to say. David Platt from a popular soap opera found the humor in his outrage about a common object in a set of foul-mouthed videos that he posted on social media.

He made a mess of wrapping a tray of cakes while ranting about clingfilm to show how difficult it can be. When Jack, 34, heard that the food wrap would be featured on the BBC business pitch show Dragons’ Den, he called it “f***ing annoying” and laughed.

He questioned, “How do we still use f***ing clingfilm in this day and age? Imagine them attempting to sell this garbage right now on Dragon’s Den? That’s the best I can do, look.

It’s just s, isn’t it, fing annoying,” he continued.

They’d be standing there saying, “It opens up like this and then you take a piece off and then you wrap it around your thing and then it seals,” but that doesn’t actually happen, does it? Jack continued, roaring with laughter. It’s not really effective. Please give me 600 billion pounds.

Since 2000, Jack has played David in the ITV soap opera, and recently he made people giggle by talking about a “awful” celebrity encounter. He encountered the difficult situation while attending a festival at Tatton Park in Knutsford.

The Spandau Ballet icon and Celebrity Gogglebox favorite Martin Kemp was presenting an 80s night at the outdoor event, and the soap star claims he was approached by organizers to take a photo with Kemp.

Things then got much worse when Jack unintentionally stepped on Martin’s spotless white trainers after Martin claimed to have no idea who he was.

Ben Price and Colson Smith, his co-stars on the Sofa Cinema Club podcast, also shared what he revealed: “I shook his hand, moved to round him with my arm, looked down, and stepped on his shoe. I’m wearing enormous boots and am in a muddy field. He’s wearing spotless, white sneakers.”

As proof, a photo of Jack and Martin posing together was released on the Sofa Cinema Club Instagram page. The caption included a trainer emoji and the phrase “If you know, you know!” along with an eyes-covering emoji.

The page then provided two more pictures in addition to the one that had been previously discussed. As the camera gently zoomed in to reveal Martin’s recently soiled trainers, the audience found it amusing.

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