Corrie’s Imran helps free criminal Harvey ahead of prison van crash stunt?

Imran Habeeb is put in a hazardous situation after being ridiculed by his ex Sabeen over his falsehoods, according to Coronation Street spoilers.

Imran Habeeb of Coronation Street may make a fatal error in forthcoming scenes on the ITV soap – amid a potential jail van tragedy.

Before the character is embroiled in a daring new stunt, the lawyer is requested to assist his ex Sabeen with an important court case, with it being criminal Harvey’s appeal.

Harvey is tied to Imran, as his sister-in-law Leanne Battersby assisted in getting him imprisoned for his crimes.

The drug lord has vowed vengeance on her and her son Simon, and is now appealing his sentence, with Sabeen taking on the case after successfully obtaining the release of serial killer Corey Brent.

Imran has so far refused to cooperate with the investigation since he wants Leanne dead, but Sabeen is attempting to blackmail him into cooperating.

He stayed with her instead of coming home to Toyah on an occasion just weeks ago, so she knows he’s lying about his whereabouts.

He then vanished, and despite their plans to foster a kid together, he has not revealed any of this information to his girlfriend.

Despite Imran’s reluctance, Sabeen is attempting to persuade him to work with her on the investigation.

Despite the fact that she appears to be unaware of the complete tale, she refuses to accept no for an answer.

Finally, Imran takes up the subject with Toyah for her consent, although he does not go into depth regarding the case.

She advises him to go for it, leaving Imran with the task of giving his ex what she wants in exchange for her silence.

She assigns him the duty of tracing Harvey’s aunt Sharon Bentley using his local contacts, assuming that this will aid in the investigation.

Imran chooses to question Simon about what he knows, and the adolescent gladly hands up the phone Harvey gave him for drug deliveries.

Is it possible that by giving this evidence to Sabeen, Imran is putting his own family in jeopardy?

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