Corrie’s Hope star poses with lookalike Emmerdale actress sister amid huge career news

When a photo of the Flanagan sisters was shared on social media by their father, the worlds of Emmerdale and Coronation Street collided.

The ITV soap opera “Cobbles” stars Isabella Flanagan as Hope Stape, while Amelia Flanagan is best known for her role as April Windsor in Emmerdale.

And if that family wasn’t already famous enough, their brother William also plays Joseph Brown on Corrie, so all three of them are involved in the soap opera industry.

Amelia and Isabella appeared to be identical in a sweet photo shared on Twitter, despite the fact that William and Isabella are twins in real life and cousins in Soapland.

Amelia posed with her arm around her sister, both of them wearing sweatshirts, while Isabella was busy eating a bowl of fruit. Amelia was also wearing glasses.

“Really chuffed that the girls and so many of their friends and on-screen family are on the long list for the @InsideSoapMag awards,” the girls’ father Chris tweeted to his followers.

Voting is now open, whether you’re on @itvcorrie or @emmerdale’s side.

At the upcoming Inside Soap Awards, stars like Jude Riordan, who portrays Sam Blakeman in Corrie, and Sonny Kendall, who plays Tommy Moon in EastEnders, are up for the Best Young Performer honor. Isabella and Amelia are also nominated.

Emmerdale star Karen Blick, best known for her role as Lydia Dingle, quickly replied to Chris’ post to congratulate the girls, writing: “Yes I saw! Bravo to both of you! You must be so proud.

Another admirer gushed, saying: “Wow, such talent in one family. This time, Bella gets my vote because I think she does that role a little too well. I’ve voted for Amelia before. Good luck, ladies!

Well done gals, I’ll be voting! Another person tweeted, while a third wrote: “Being honest, I don’t like voting since I truly don’t want anyone to be overlooked and not praised for all of the incredible job they do.

It’s so difficult to decide. I’m on Team Corrie and Team Emmerdale; good luck, Amelia and Isabella.

Both girls have experienced some particularly challenging plotlines thus far this year, with Amelia’s character April having to deal with the fallout from her father Marlon’s stroke as well as a particularly difficult bullying plotline.

Both girls have had some pretty tough storylines so far this year, with Amelia’s character April dealing with the aftermath of her dad Marlon’s stroke, as well as a hard-hitting bullying storyline.

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