Corrie’s Georgia Taylor hints at lengthy prison stint for Toyah as murder trial looms

Georgia Taylor, who plays the actress, has said that Toyah Habeeb of Coronation Street may be found guilty of killing Imran, therefore she might be facing a protracted prison sentence.

When the automobile hit a wall while Toyah was operating it, her husband died after suffering a heart arrest while rescuing her from the debris.

Since then, Toyah has rekindled her old romance with Spider Nugent on the cobblestones, been granted bail pending her murder trial, been fired from her job at Underworld, and joined several environmental rallies.

But she has always been aware that she will have to appear in court, and in a shocking turn of events, she revealed that Toyah intentionally crashed the automobile.

Georgia revealed to the Daily Star and other media regarding a prospective prison sentence for her character: “I’ve always said that I really want a prison plot because I simply think it sounds like a lot of fun.

“The problem is that it could go in one of two directions. Due to Toyah’s experience in counseling, she may develop a strong bond with her other convicts and become a source of support for them, or she may experience severe bullying.

“She would probably need to find some of that Battersby spirit to get through her time in prison because I can imagine her getting bullied. I believe the authors could realistically take it either way if that were to occur.”

Georgia also said that even if the judge’s gavel swings the other way, Toyah’s dreams of being fostered might still be alive.

Fostering is undoubtedly an option for her, and she continued, “I love that aspect of her. The response to that is that I’ve always maintained that we have a duty to reflect all facets of society, including the fact that a childless woman can be happy.

I feel quite passionately about myself in that regard. So it’s possible that she finds happiness and fulfillment in something else.

Having said that, she is inherently maternal and kind, so I can see why she would find fostering or adopting a child to be the natural match.

Georgia revealed the following about the Toyah plot of her dreams: “For my part, I want her to have a ton of pets. I want to be filming with cats, dogs, rabbits, a pony, and everything else. She ought to raise pigs! That’s what I hope will take place.”

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