Corrie’s Gabrielle Glaister returns to soap but not as Debs amid Bernie double trouble plot

On the ITV serial opera Coronation Street, Gabrielle Glaister is slated to make a spectacular comeback, but not as her previous persona Debs Brownlow.

Next week, though, viewers of Coronation Street will experience a double-take when Bernie Winter meets Gabrielle, who plays her lookalike, in person.

When Bernie’s doppelgänger Fern tries to get her into some shady activities, it will be a case of double trouble for her.

Jane Hazlegrove, a current cast member of Corrie, came up with the doppelganger plot because she and former Corrie cast member Gabrielle Glaister were getting confused for one another.

The doppelganger scenario involving Bernie and Fern was established after Jane presented the potential narrative to author Jonathan Harvey, with Gabrielle being cast as Fern.

According to Jane, the two are so similar to one another that some of their Coronation Street coworkers have even stopped Gabrielle in the hallway to chat believing it to be her.

I told Jonathan about this notion a while back, she said. People frequently say they have seen one of Gabby or me in something when in fact they have seen the other of us.

We had often laughed about it together, but I then began to consider how much fun it might be to have her appear on the show as Bernie’s doppelganger or hidden twin.

When they informed me that they had developed this plot and that Gabby was on board, I was overjoyed.

Jane claimed that she was once more confused for Gabrielle at the Soap Awards not long after the narrative was created.

The actor was horrified when I identified myself, but of course I don’t mind being mistaken for Gabby; it is a big compliment, and in my head, I was secretly thinking, “That’s brilliant, this plot is going to work so beautifully,” she continued.

Jane “insisted” she wasn’t in Brookside, while Gabrielle acknowledged the two have been mistaken for each other for years, prompting Jane to “constantly” deny she was in Casualty.

A really close friend of mine texted me last week to tell that he saw a little of Corrie and thought I was excellent. I emphasized that I wasn’t yet visible on the screen!

“It looked like serendipity when they contacted me with the plot! They’ve created something incredibly creative, and working with Jane is fun for me.

Following a mix-up regarding a parcel collection, the doppelganger storyline is scheduled to begin on August 26.

When Bernie is picking up Joseph’s new school uniform, a shop employee misidentifies her as the other woman and hands her a package for Fern.

When Fern shows up at the residence, she demands her package and accuses Bernie of stealing. The following week, Fern gives Bernie a sketchy approach to make some money after the women are struck by how similar they are.

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