Corrie’s Fiz savagely dumps Phill moments after marrying him and reunites with Tyrone

On Friday night’s episode of Coronation Street, Fiz Brown made a terrible choice on her wedding day.

The popular soap character concluded living with Phill Whittaker wasn’t for her and that she didn’t truly love him shortly after getting married to him.

Even though she seemed to be having second thoughts during the vows, Fiz decided to go through with the wedding and saved the announcement for the reception.

She pretended everything was okay and that she was happy, but it all got to be too much for her, and she broke down before telling a distraught Phill everything.

Both of them were concerned that their romance was doomed to failure as a result of a string of setbacks over the previous several weeks.

Even though the registrar was canceled the morning of the wedding, they persisted in fighting for their happy day.

While Phill’s mother was initially given the responsibility, it quickly became clear that Fiz’s daughter Hope Stape was responsible for the accident and other issues.

Hope tried all in her power to prevent the wedding, including damaging the bridesmaid dresses and enticing Phill’s ex-wife Camilla to Weatherfield.

Hope admitted to her misdeeds and said she did them in order for her and her ex-boyfriend Tyrone Dobbs to be together.

Tyrone was saddened to have lost her as he watched Fiz proceed with the wedding.

Fiz and Phill were married after she originally halted in the middle of her vows, and they soon had a celebration with their loved ones.

Fiz started crying throughout the festivities, begged to speak with him, and then revealed that she didn’t love him and couldn’t continue their special day.

She claimed she lied to both herself and him, and that she didn’t realize she didn’t love him until that morning.

Before disclosing everything to the stunned guests, he told her to depart, but there was still one more surprise in store.

Fiz immediately rushed to Tyrone’s place and confessed that she had dumped Phil because she had fallen in love with him.

Tyrone was in shock, but soon after, they kissed and made up. How will Phill respond when he learns the truth?

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