Corrie’s Ellie Leach pays emotional tribute to ITV soap co-star following his death

Following his passing, Ellie Leach paid homage to her Coronation Street co-star.

Just months after playing Ted Spear in the ITV soap opera earlier this year, comedian and actor Duggie Brown passed away earlier this week. He also has a connection to Coronation Street because his sister, singer and actress Lynne Perrie, played Ivy Tilsley on the soap opera for 23 years until 1994. In 2006, Lynne passed away from a stroke.

After his passing was verified by his agent, Ellie wrote a moving obituary for her co-star, who just shared a plotline with Emma Brooker (Alexandra Mardell). Duggie was well-known for his acting as well as his long career in comedy.

“Let Duggie Brown rest in peace. In the brief time I had the opportunity to work with you, you made me laugh a lot. I will always cherish it because it was such a delight! Many people will severely miss you, “She left a heartfelt comment on Instagram.

Ted, played by Duggie, appeared in the soap opera as a new character after Faye and Emma unintentionally knocked him down while they were giving him a driving lesson.

He appeared to be fine at first, but they took him home, and he subsequently passed away in the play. For fear of going to jail, the two women at first refused to acknowledge their involvement in his death.

The fact that police officer Craig Tinker, Faye’s partner, lived with them made matters worse.

They eventually came clean with him about what they had done, but when Emma developed feelings for Ted’s grandson, that put another wrench in the works.

The story had a happy conclusion, though, because he chose not to inform the authorities, and she left for Australia with him after falling in love and deciding to utilize Ted’s inheritance to start a new life together.

Faye and Craig may appear to be strong in other scenes of the ITV soap opera, but she is actually fighting for her own health. Actress Ellie acknowledges that the plot for Faye’s early menopause symptoms is challenging.

“Definitely not, absolutely. But certainly, no matter what you get, it’s always fantastic to be able to tell a tale,” she said. I wasn’t really aware that it had happened to ladies so young, so yes, I was startled.

It’s good to be able to demonstrate that this occurs and ensure that everyone is aware of it, in my opinion, because not many people are aware of it.

“Obviously, all kinds of things might happen; there are a wide variety of symptoms.

The kind of mood swings are probably the worst for me since they change from 0 to 100 so quickly. Naturally, I don’t truly experience that in my life.

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