Corrie’s Daisy Midgeley targeted by acid attack like model Katie Piper in new episode

A beloved character from Coronation Street will be the subject of a horrifying acid attack, similar to the one that permanently damaged Katie Piper.

Obsessed stalker Justin will throw corrosive liquid at bride-to-be Daisy Midgeley, played by Charlotte Jordan.

But, the charity Women’s Aid, which collaborates with model and TV personality Katie to raise awareness of the heinous crime, has complimented the story’s hard-hitting theme.

Before Daisy’s wedding to Daniel Osbourne, Justin (Andrew Still) harassed her, as seen by viewers of the ITV soap opera ( Rob Mallard ).

Nevertheless, experts from the soap industry have indicated Justin’s fascination would soon take a sinister turn.

One prediction was that Justin’s obsession with Daisy would intensify over the coming weeks before he confronted her in the Rovers and threw acid at her.

“The scene is absolutely frightening and will astound viewers.

“Bosses thought it was vital to bring up the subject, but considerable care has been taken to treat it delicately.

They have been collaborating with other research partners that have contributed their skills.

According to Teresa Parker, head of media for Women’s Aid, “Coronation Street always does a very thorough job of researching topics involving violence against women.

“We were delighted to speak with the scientists. Such narratives serve a crucial purpose in raising public awareness of problems like stalking and the dangers it poses.

In the UK, the number of acid attacks has increased dramatically in recent years.

2019 saw London dubbed “the Western world’s hub for acid attacks.”

Katie, a 39-year-old model and TV celebrity, was left struggling for her life in 2008 after her ex, Daniel Lynch, gave Stefan Sylvestre the order to douse her in sulfuric acid. Both men received a life sentence.

Another well-known attack occurred in 2017 when Arthur Collins, the ex-boyfriend of reality star Ferne McCann, threw acid across a London nightclub, injuring 14 people. He received a 20-year sentence.

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