Corrie villain Harvey ‘exposed’ as Sam’s ‘real dad’ while fans twig DNA twist

According to fans who believe they have uncovered a major DNA twist, Coronation Street villain Harvey Gaskell may be revealed to be Sam Blakeman’s father.

On Monday (October 17), Will Mellor’s character Harvey made a big comeback to the soap opera as Leanne was on her way to meet him in jail. He appeared to be just as dangerous as before.

Leanne immediately launched into a diatribe against the murderer over Natasha’s passing, telling him that he had “ruined” the life of her son Sam and admonishing him that if he continued to contact her, she would find a lawyer to file stalking charges against him.

Harvey’s response, however, left her speechless. He said, “You’d better mention it to Sam, about the stalking. That’s his name, isn’t it? The boy whose life I ruined? “, leaving her speechless.

“He’s been writing me letters, plenty of letters, around three or four a week for about a month,” he admitted. “It feels like he’s just doing it to wind me up.”

Fans now believe Harvey may be even more connected to Sam after noticing a clue in his statements about “ruining his life,” possibly starting by leaving him at birth.

Leanne started talking about the anguish Sam went through after his mother died, and he yelled at her to “get that odd kid to stop sending me letters!”

Sam developed selective mutism and PTSD after seeing Natasha’s body in the funeral home and learning she had been shot.

One fan speculated on Twitter, asking why she thought Harvey rather than Nick would come out to be Sam’s biological father in “Corrie.”

I don’t even know how it would work, but I just have the feeling he’s about to drop a bombshell on Leanne, they continued.

However, Will Mellor’s current Strictly Come Dancing gig distracted more viewers because they were surprised to see him on another program.

Wonder if Harvey will give us a sneak preview of the dance he’ll be performing on Saturday?

Someone person made a joke, “The major question is will Harvey do a pirouette as he gets up to walk off.”

I have missed Harvey, Will Mellor is still handsome, as another admirer gushed.

A fourth couldn’t help but quip, “Leanne finding out about the letters – what does Sam write in these letters to Harvey ‘what dance are you dancing on Strictly this week?’ maybe.”

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