Corrie viewers ‘work out’ who is messaging Hope as Mad Dog’s identity ‘rumbled’

Fans of Coronation Street discussed their theories about a mysterious new character who appears to be pursuing young Hope Stape on the ITV soap.

The character suddenly began receiving messages from an unknown sender who seemed to be a fellow gamer by the name of Mad Dog.

After her school leavers assembly, it was confirmed that Hope was getting ready to chat with a group of online friends who were also gamers.

But one unidentified new player began messaging her repeatedly, and no one else did, about her home and family life.

Mad Dog’s identity is unknown, while Sam Blakeman, a fellow youngster, predicted that Hope will be interested in whoever it is.

Over their walkie-talkies, the two talked about the messages and the player.

However, should Hope exercise caution if there’s something sinister going on?

Do you have any brothers or sisters? was one of the messages being sent throughout the evening.

Do you get along with your parents, as another person questioned? “Do you like your home?” was read aloud as a third.

What are your parents like? was the fourth query, once more addressed to Hope.

Sam had noticed all the questions too and asked Hope about new player Mad Dog, and what she thought about it.

Hope and Sam appeared to laugh it off and didn’t think much to it, while viewers at home were suspicious that they knew who was behind the messages.

Fans who took to Twitter were certain of the truth and speculated that Phill Whittaker might be getting even with his former stepdaughter.

Hope played a significant role in upsetting Phill and Fiz’s big day when she dumped him for Tyrone Dobbs on the day of their wedding.

Fans have recently questioned whether Phill might be targeting Hope or Fiz “Phil, who is this crazy dog on hopes pad? trying to get revenge maybe?”

Another liked this idea, with another viewer replying: “Ooh, good thinking…”

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