You are currently viewing Corrie viewers furious as Grace blackmails Baileys after Michael dumps her

Corrie viewers furious as Grace blackmails Baileys after Michael dumps her

After Grace Vickers reacted poorly to their relationship ending, Michael Bailey in Coronation Street was scared of seeing baby Glory again.

Grace Vickers’ appearance on Coronation Street on Wednesday night enraged viewers.

Michael Bailey ultimately ripped off the band-aid and told Grace he didn’t love her enough to stay in a romantic relationship with her in the two mid-week episodes of the ITV serial.

Michael, on the other hand, has expressed concern for her and expressed a desire to co-parent their infant girl Glory with her.

Grace had announced earlier in the week that she had been given a position in Hull.

Michael had tried to talk them out of buying a property jointly since he wanted them to be close to one other.

Grace, on the other hand, reacted angrily and stormed off after Michael ditched her on Wednesday.

At Number 3, she shouted into Michael’s parents, Ed and Aggie, about their son and announced her departure from the Street, bashing them as well.

Aggie tried to stop Grace from leaving with Glory, but a later conversation with Michael revealed that Grace was dead set on leaving.

Grace went to see Ed and Aggie in the Rovers Return after her one-on-one with Michael.

She then blackmailed Glory’s grandparents, telling them that if they wanted to keep seeing their granddaughter, they needed to hand over the house Ed was building to her.

Grace’s planning became obvious to all, and Ed and Aggie were shocked.

Given Grace’s previous behavior, Corrie viewers at home were understandably outraged to see her get so rude with the Baileys.

“Grace is a piece of work #corrie,” one Twitter user wrote.

“ #Corrie,” wrote another Corrie fan. Oh, my goodness! Why isn’t Michael simply requesting exclusive custody? Grace’s unpleasant sneering visage will vanish as a result of this. She has a criminal past, so she won’t be able to just abduct their child.”

Meanwhile, another enraged soap fan wrote about the story, “Grace has always been a nasty piece of work #Corrie.”

“After all Grace put them through, she has some CHEEK #corrie,” one user tweeted.

“Why is Michael sorry for hurting Grace when she was the one who lied for months and allowed him to believe that a stranger’s kid was his???,” one Coronation Street viewer remarked. #corrie ” He is deserving of so much more.”

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