Corrie Toyah prison stint ‘sealed’ as ITV viewers ‘work out’ Spider ‘set up’ twist

As a result of sharp-eyed viewers spotting hidden wire on Spider, Coronation Street viewers are confident that Toyah Habeeb will spend time in jail.

Fans were glued to their seats during Wednesday’s performance at the Cobbles as they witnessed the poignant passages involving Toyah and her late husband Imran.

When she was left to watch over Alfie the infant while pleading with the child to pardon her for killing his father, the blonde bombshell found it all to be too much.

After giving the infant back to Abi Webster, the distraught celebrity hurried home and confided everything to her new love interest while blissfully oblivious to the fact that he was an undercover police officer.

After an emotional walk with baby Alfie, the blonde beauty started crying, and Spider could be seen comforting her back at the apartment.

Toyah revealed the details of that fatal trip with Imran at this point, confessing: “It wasn’t an accident, and you need to know the truth. He and Imran were both murdered by me.”

Spider said, hoping she was joking: “Avoid saying that. An accident occurred. One of those awful things, it fit that description.”

The widow in tears insisted: “You’re not paying attention to me; I lied to the police and I am fully aware of what took place. I deliberately crashed the car.”

After hearing her confession, the undercover officer was so astonished that he walked out of the apartment while muttering, “I can’t be hearing this.”

Fans speculated on Twitter that the love-stricken police officer was wearing a wire that was passing for a beaded necklace after seeing the emotional scenes play out.

Is a wire concealed in Spider’s s**t necklace, a user questioned? #corrie,” while another penned: “Ooo, is Spider’s necklace a wire …? Funny #Corrie

As one fan enquired as to what Spider was carrying around his neck, a third echoed: “If Spider’s wearing a wire, Toyah’s toast #Corrie.” #corrie?”

While some people believed Toyah would go to prison, another remarked, “PC Tinker, Spider wouldn’t be the first cop on #Corrie to turn a blind eye.”

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