Corrie Stephen Reid’s secret second victim ‘exposed’ as fans ‘work out’ huge Stu twist

Before killing Leo Thompkins, the villain on Coronation Street Stephen Reid may have killed another unidentified victim, and fans believe they know who it is.

Leo was thrown out the Underworld balcony and into a trash can by the assassin, who then set about eradicating all traces of the brutal killing.

Fans believe Stephen could murder his ex-wife Gabrielle as his next target in an effort to further hide his evidence as he has his sights set on deceiving his mother Audrey.

She might not be his second victim, though, since observant watchers have figured out that Stephen already committed another murder before arriving to Corrie’s cobblestones.

One fan hypothesized that Stephen might be the actual killer of Charlie Walters, the purported “victim” of Stu Carpenter.

Stu protested his innocence but was coerced into a confession by dishonest police officials, and he was framed for the crime and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

Interestingly, the crime occurred exactly one year prior to Stephen’s unexpected appearance on the pavement in 1996.

After putting everything together, one astute fan tweeted their audacious notion, writing: “#Corrie so Charlie Walters was murdered 27 years ago… Prior to Stephen moving to Weatherfield, a year had passed. Can he have killed her?

They continued to indicate that “Stephen” might just be a fictitious name he adopted to get closer to Audrey and that he intended to go back to the cobbles to look around the scene of his murder.

He could have created a full false identity, the user claimed, and just relocated to the cobblestones to better hide his tracks. #Corrie.”

It happens after Daily Star got exclusive spoiler images showing Stephen driving a delivery truck before he is robbed by a group of teenagers, risking the exposure of his secret identity.

After lying to his family about being a wealthy businessman, he is desperate to avoid being seen performing the driving job. However, when he races off to evade Elaine, his lover, he crashes.

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