Corrie stars Katherine Kelly and David Neilson (aka Becky and Roy) reunite and fans’ hearts have melted

Two beloved characters from Coronation Street have reunited, and it’s just too cute to describe.

From 2006 to 2012, Katherine Kelly, 43, portrayed the enduring Becky McDonald in the beloved ITV serial opera.

Of course, one of the nicest aspects of her role was her friendship with Roy Cropper, who is portrayed by 73-year-old David Neilson and has been a regular on Corrie since 1995.

Other notable scenes featured their on-screen friendship, such as Roy and Hayley (Julie Hesmondhalgh) saving Becky from one of her numerous mishaps or Becky asking ‘Royston’ for guidance on her marriage issues with Steve (Simon Gregson).

Yet, Katherine and David haven’t been together in a long time, so when they did finally reunite in 2023, hearts all over the world melted.

Katherine took a nice selfie with the legend of the cobbles and posted it to social media.

She captioned the photo, “Oh look who I caught up with today…”

Still one of my all-time favorite people.

Understandably, her fans were living for the occasion. One of them gushed about how underappreciated they two were as a comedy double-act, saying: “I just don’t believe it’s acknowledged enough how how underrated you two were.” Beautiful timing, tragedy, and an unmistakable profound love for one another. Years of flawless performances from you both. I’m grateful.

That’s some serious nostalgia right there. Becky and Roy were the best team ever, wrote another.
Another person said, “We NEED Becky and Royston to get back together on the street,” and, really? We concur.

Suranne Jones, who portrayed Karen McDonald on the soap opera Corrie from 2000 to 2004, likewise reacted with a string of heart-shaped emoticons, demonstrating her continued devotion to her Corrie roots.

During her time on Coronation Street, Becky had a ton of dramatic stories, and there was never a lack of drama, whether it was romance or sibling rivalry.

Her two miscarriages, buying sister Kylie’s son Max for £20,000 with Steve, and showing up to her own wedding intoxicated are some of her most memorable experiences.

After leaving the long-running program, Katherine has continued to appear frequently on our screens.

She has acted in several television programs, such as Liar, Cheat, Innocent, Criminal: UK, and Gentleman Jack.

With just a three-month vacation in 2016, David, aka Roy, and his shopping bag are still a constant sight on the street.

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