Corrie star teases possible soap return causing chaos for Fiz and Tyrone as they reunite

Star of Coronation Street Gemma Oaten has made hints that her character would return to wreck havoc on Fiz and Tyrone.

In recent ITV soap opera scenes, Fiz Stape (Jennie McAlpine) wed Phill Whittaker (Jamie McKenna), however soon after their wedding, she headed back to see Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall).

Years of dating between Tyrone and Fiz ended when the mechanic chose to date Alina Pop.

Although their relationship was never successful, the two remained separated, and Fiz moved on to date Phill.

Tyrone ended up having a brief fling with Gemma’s character Isla at that time, and now that Tyrone and Fiz are back together, Emmerdale’s Gemma has hinted that her character might return to stir up some trouble for the couple.

Gemma joked on ITV’s Lorraine today, which Carol Vorderman hosted as Lorraine Kelly is still off with Covid: “Tyrone, poor guy, got punched. I’m shocked that he’s back with Fiz.”

Then Carol concluded about the couple, saying, “He’ll always go back with Fiz!”

“She might go back and raise a commotion,” someone said. Gemma hinted at Isla’s potential comeback.

“In my opinion, history is the one quality that Coronation Street has over all other programs.

Tyrone and Fiz have a truly amazing relationship; they’ve been together for a long time and have experienced a lot together “He recently commented.

Naturally, there have been roadblocks along the way, and the majority of them were Tyrone’s fault. However, this time, I believe he recognizes what he’s done and what he’s lost.

He continued, “He knows Fiz is his soul mate, and I think he’s praying she picks him.”

Isla’s husband Tony learned about their flirting, and Tyrone was famously punched in the fight.

“Isla admits to Tyrone that although she liked her husband Tony, he was a pipe-and-slippers kind of guy.

Then Tony enters, and he’s not wearing a pipe and pajamas! Tyrone is asking, “Who is this?” poor guy. Islanda is in the center “Gemma remembered that time.

You may detect a hint of, “[Tony] is fighting for me, he wants me!” but when Tyrone is punched, she exclaims, “Oh my god, what are you doing?” and part of the true nature of their connection is revealed at that point.

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