Corrie star teases ‘amazing’ stunt episodes as lives on the line in rooftop showdown

Adam Hussain, a Coronation Street actor, has hinted at “amazing” episodes and upcoming stunt drama.

Next week, when Kelly Neelan’s vengeance against Gary Windass takes a terrifying turn, the characters are in grave danger.

After Kelly discovers the truth about Gary killing her father Rick, the events of the story begin the evening of Aadi Alahan and Kelly’s engagement party.

While preparing her escape from the street with Aadi, Kelly makes plans to have Gary killed and tricks him into a trap.

However, things go wrong when Kelly changes her mind, and the hitman changes his mind as well, deciding to kill Gary and Kelly.

While specifics of what transpires are being kept under wraps, there is a report that someone was shot during a horrific rooftop brawl.

In a recent interview with The Mirror and other media outlets, Aadi actor Adam previewed upcoming dramatic sequences and hinted he would pull his own stunt.

He revealed to us what it was like to film the scenes, saying: “It’s genius, in my opinion.

“Simply working on such a fantastic storyline and plot, being able to perform stunts thanks to the cameras, a big green screen, and volume barriers used in Hollywood movies, and being able to use those tools while having an outstanding crew.

“Everyone who contributed to that was incredible. It was, in my opinion, one of my best photo shootings.

“In the end, everything looks really amazing,” he continued. When it airs on TV, I can’t wait to watch it.

Adam also hinted that if Kelly pulls through her ordeal, his character might flee with her and make her exit during the major episodes.

He declared: “I think in the end he would because he hasn’t enjoyed himself at home or out on the streets. He’s been discarded, set on fire, involved in vehicle accidents, and now he’s found someone who gets him.

Therefore, if given the chance, I believe he would flee to start over with Kelly.

He continued, “I adore working with Millie because she is such a really, really amazing actress,” in reference to the departure of his co-star Millie Gibson.

She is excellent. She’s also a very nice person, so I’ll miss having her as a friend and a coworker, but I still wish her the best.

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