Corrie star Hayley Cropper to ‘return’ to soap amid heartbreak for Roy next week

Next week on the ITV soap opera Coronation Street, Hayley Cropper will sort of “return,” eight years after the Weatherfield favorite said a devastating goodbye.

Hayley won’t be physically present, which is bad, but her adored husband Roy will experience heartache when she reappears and her signature red anorak disappears during a flat-cleaning.

According to ITV spoilers, in scenes showing on the soap next week, fans will see Bernie still in need of some additional money, prompting her to convince Roy’s niece Nina to allow her give the apartment a thorough cleaning in time for Roy’s birthday.

Bernie offers they give the package of used clothing they found to a charity. Nina, however, misses Hayley’s red anorak in the box.

Roy doesn’t appear to understand until Evelyn gives him a model train for his birthday, which he immediately recognizes as his own.

Evelyn instructs Roy to start the Woody as he realizes that the train must have originated from the same thrift store where Hayley’s anorak ended up.

The anorak is ripped off Joy’s back by Evelyn as she enters the charity shop with a no-nonsense attitude. Joy is left perplexed as Evelyn exits the building. But how will Roy respond when Evelyn brings the prized possession back?

As the first transgender character in a British soap opera, Julie Hesmondhalgh portrayed Hayley for 16 years, garnering her a legion of fiercely devoted followers.

The characters of Roy and Hayley became friends after Alma Baldwin introduced them, but things weren’t always smooth sailing for the couple at initially, and they broke up after she disclosed she was a pre-operative transgender and used to go by Harold.

She traveled to Amsterdam to have the procedure since Roy realized he couldn’t live without her. After the law was modified, the couple got legally married in 2010. However, when Julie announced her departure from the soap opera in 2013, her character sadly committed suicide after learning she had terminal pancreatic cancer.

She recalled how the plot of Hayley and Roy Cropper’s inability to get married because she was transgender received attention in the House of Commons and expressed her pride in her transgender character on ITV’s Corrie.

“People’s opinions did change, and they really wanted Hayley and Roy to be married,” she recalls, adding that “we got thanked in Parliament.

And because of a change in the law, they were permitted to get married throughout those 16 years. While I can’t say Corrie was directly responsible for it, they contributed.

Julie has worked in theater and held television parts in Broadchurch, Happy Valley, and Doctor Who since leaving Corrie in 2014.

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