Corrie star Antony Cotton’s mum makes starring role in ITV soap as Stephen kills again

Tonight on Coronation Street, Antony Cotton’s mum made a visit as Stephen commits another crime.

The mother of the adored Corrie actor made her fourth cameo in the ITV soap opera tonight, playing the housekeeper who discovered Rufus, Stephen’s most recent murder victim, dead in his bed.

Enid portrayed the anonymous housekeeper in scenes that will be shown tonight. She was being consoled by police when they found Rufus’s dead inside his residence. Before certifying Rufus’ passing, Michael Bailey questioned her about what had happened to him.

Enid, Antony’s mother, has made a few guest appearances on the soap opera.

Since opting to follow her son into acting in the 1990s, she has also had a number of other TV appearances. She changed careers after turning 50, and since then she has appeared in Doctors, The Bay, Shameless, Bancroft, Merseybeat, and the 2022 series Compulsion.

She played Betty Pargetter, a recurring character, in the Sarah Parish and Amanda Holden hairstyling drama Cutting It. She was the bartender Joyce in Peter Kay’s Phoenix Nights, and she appeared in a special episode of Max & Paddy’s Road to Nowhere.

Even Enid and son Antony have been in advertisements for Yorkshire-based internet service provider Plusnet. In the funny video, the 47-year-old couldn’t stop giggling, forcing his mother to reprimand him.

You’re not too big for a slap, Antony, she quips. I don’t care in front of these.

Stephen has already killed three people on the ITV soap opera, and actor Todd Boyce has previously hinted at what the killer will do next and whether or not he will kill again.

And after that, I believe there might be more, he continued. He’s become accustomed to it and, in his mind, if he’s going to get caught for three, he might as well get caught for four or five. To be recognized as the largest serial killer on the show would be fantastic.

What a reputation to have. ‘Now how long are you here for?’ the cast asks me nonstop.

“Then they’ll return a month later and ask, ‘Tell me again, how long do you think you’re going to stay?’. They merely want to know when they can avoid me and feel secure about the future. They’re all wary of me because there have been rumors that Stephen killed important characters. Each and every cast member I work with is concerned that they might be the person I pick next. Ryan Russell, who portrays Michael Bailey, and I are now filming numerous scenes, and he keeps wondering, “When did I sign my last contract?

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