Corrie spoilers: Yasmeen kicks Stu out as bombshell past secret exposed after 34 years

The ITV soap opera Coronation Street is scheduled to reveal Stu Carpenter next week as Yasmeen Metcalfe learns the truth about her 34-year-old secret.

In recent weeks, the drama has been teasing Stu’s (Bill Fellows) murky background by having the character act strangely and even tell a falsehood to Yasmeen after a tense visit to his estranged daughter Bridget.

It appears that a 34-year-old incident is what caused him to grow estranged from his family for more than 30 years.

Things became awkward after Stu located his daughter Bridget because she begged him to leave and appeared terrified of him.

Stu then pleaded with her to give him a chance before claiming, “I didn’t hurt that girl, I guarantee you,”

He spoke to her: “For 34 years, I haven’t stopped thinking about you, and I can’t do this, she said. I’m sorry.”

After Bridget closed the door, nothing more was said about what had happened, and Stu was left with the realization that he couldn’t make amends the way he’d hoped.

He lied about his meeting with his daughter, saying she wasn’t at the address, when he later ran into Yasmeen Nazir.

ITV spoilers now indicate that the secret will be revealed the following week, with Yasmeen likely to experience the consequences (Shelley King).

In the episodes airing the following week, Stu makes an effort to put his ruse behind him by focusing on implementing a food waste initiative at Speed Daal.

In an effort to help those in need, Stu suggests selling leftover food at a discount. The idea garners media interest, and Weatherfield Gazette reporter Suki stops over to speak with Stu, Yasmeen, and Alya Nazir (Sair Khan).

Suki’s eyes light up at the tale of how Yasmeen improved Stu’s life when the topic of how she gave him a lifeline when he was homeless, though.

Later in the week, Stu is horrified when he sees that he’s front and centre of the Gazette article, with the initiative itself being overshadowed.

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