Corrie spoilers with shock marriage proposal and another couple on the rocks

Since he came back into her life, they have gotten along well, and on Coronation Street, Faye Windass has planned a drink with her former Jackson Hodge the following week. Faye tells Craig Tinker, her boyfriend, a fib about going to meet a girlfriend.

Beth Sutherland, Craig’s mother, informs Kirk that she will not be able to attend the dinner that has been scheduled since she will be meeting some old friends for drinks. In a hotel bar, Faye meets up with Jackson, and when Beth shows up with Marco in tow, the two ladies exchange panicked looks because they had both been discovered dating their ex.

When Faye returns home with Jackson, she is surprised to see Craig making cookies alongside her father Tim and daughter Miley. When Jackson begs Faye to go down south with him since he was able to land a new job, Faye is conflicted.

When Beth brings her to Victoria Street Gardens, a small crowd has collected there, including Jackson and Miley, and Craig gets down on one knee and proposes to her, adding to her predicament.

Kirk turns his back on Beth later that week in the plant. She promises Kirk that she won’t ever see Marco again, but Kirk believes it’s too late.

Elsewhere As Justin Rutherford enters a not guilty plea during his plea hearing, Daniel Osbourne is shocked and gets ready to tell Daisy Midgeley, who couldn’t attend the hearing. Ryan Connor and Alya Nazir are stunned when Daisy phones them from the hospital and conveys the news to them.

Ryan acknowledges that the idea of having to relive the entire acid attack horror in court has him terrified to death. Ryan confesses his love for Alya after she reassures him that she’ll be at his side.

Ryan thanks Daisy and admits that talking about gigs in Ibiza has given him something to think about. Daisy decides to take Crystal to visit Ryan in the hospital in the hopes that she will improve his confidence.

He then receives a setback when the surgeon informs him that his wound is not healing as quickly as they had planned and that a skin graft is necessary. Ryan is absent and his backpack is gone when Daisy and Carla enter his room.

A search crew has been assembled. Ryan is discovered by Daisy and Carla outside the tram station, obviously traumatized. Daisy explains to Daniel that she finds it difficult to break the news to Ryan that Crystal has lost interest in him.

When Roy Cropper leaves a salsa class feeling ill, he has health concerns. He goes to see Dr. Gaddas and explains that he has been experiencing dyspnea and chest pains. She promises to set up some testing, but when Evelyn learns, she insists on going with him to the hospital.

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