Corrie spoilers: Two characters face death in rooftop showdown as someone shot

Next week, some dramatic Coronation Street scenes will air as two characters face certain death in a rooftop duel.

The ITV soap will feature a shooting next week as some major emotional scenes air in response to Kelly Neelan’s significant departure from the program. We do not yet know who will be shot, and many lives are in danger as the gun fires in a spectacular sequence of events.

Kelly executes her strategy in the episodes that air the following week. She informs her lover Aadi that she has made travel arrangements for them to Bangkok, but she forgets to inform him that it is only a one-way ticket. Overwhelmed with emotion during their engagement party, Kelly sobs as her late father Rick Neelan emerges in her thoughts on a significant day for her.

Gary Windass thanks Kelly for being a part of their family during the party, but his kind words don’t elicit the response he was hoping for, and a furious Kelly tells him she knows he killed her father and flees.

Gary follows her but is startled to see her standing next to Kieron outside.

Kelly tells Gary that he’ll collect the remainder of his money once Gary is killed before knocking him out and throwing him into the van.

She starts to doubt her choices and wonder if she made the correct choice as the van accelerates away.

Near a different location, Kieron and his companion Al stop in the woods where Rick Neelan perished. As part of Kelly’s elaborate revenge scheme, they compel Gary to dig his own grave while pointing a gun at his head.

Gary will inform Aadi that Kelly is in danger in Friday’s episode, and they must find her phone and go to her aid.

Kieron takes Kelly to an abandoned mill, where he explains his plan to kill her and blame her for Gary’s murder. He will be able to escape punishment while seeing to the deaths of both of them because it will appear to be a murder-suicide.

Kelly is horrified when she realizes she is in danger, but Gary and Aadi soon show up. Gary and Aadi see Kelly on the roof after spotting the van. In a panic, they rush there, just as Kelly is about to be pushed over the roof by Kieron. Gary instructs Kieron to murder him instead and save her life as soon as he shows up. Who has been shot when the gun has fired, and whose lives are in danger?

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