Corrie spoilers: Stalker Justin calls police on Daisy as she lashes out

Next week, Daisy from Coronation Street will run into trouble with the law as Justin flips the script.

As the stalking has intensified, Daisy’s situation has taken a horrific turn. Last week, Justin pretended to be Daisy’s fiancé when he appeared at the bridal fair Daisy was attending before later appearing on the Cobbles.

Daisy was severely disturbed, but things appear to become worse the following week as Justin won’t stop texting her. When she turns her phone back on after having it off for some time, the messages start pouring in.

Daisy struggles to keep up with the barrage of messages and sobs in Daniel’s arms. He notices the messages and becomes worried. With Daisy’s support, he decides to contact the police. PC Scott downplays it when they deliver the texts.

She discovers that PC Scott has loved each of her vacation photos as she makes her way home.

Daniel advises that they put off the wedding until he has been dealt with out of concern for his future wife. The moment she spots Justin holding a bouquet of roses on Victoria Street, she sees red.

While stamping on him, she snatches the bouquet of flowers and throws it to the ground.

A stunned George watches as Justin tries to calm her down but when he puts his hand on her arm, she hits him.

Daisy is terrified and sobs on Daniel’s shoulder as Justin tells her that his mother had passed away and that he had been visiting George to arrange the burial.

Daisy soon finds herself at the police station being questioned by PC Jess about Justin’s alleged assault.

Charlotte Jordan, an actress, previously stated: “Because Daisy is a contentious character, it is wise to use her in this tale because it was really vital to do so. There isn’t really a middle ground when it comes to how you feel about Daisy; she is extra, flashy, campy, large, and you will eventually witness her start to fall apart.”

How will Daisy do, and is she going to cause more trouble?

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